Evaluation Unit: Ethiopia

Evaluation Focal Point Bettina Woll [bettina.woll@undp.org]
Dirk Wagener [dirk.wagener@undp.org]
Wouter Coussement [wouter.coussement@undp.org]
Active Evaluation Plan
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Evaluation Reports

S No. Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Date Mgmt. Response
1. Support to Local Economic Development (LED) Programme Project 2014 No
2. Afar Integrated Dry lands Management Project Project 2014 No
4. Multi-Donor Support for the Democratic Institutions Programme: Terminal Evaluation Project 2013 No
5. END-EVALUATION OF PHASE 1: Ethiopia Joint Flagship Programme on Gender Equality and Women?s Empowerment (GEWE JP) Project 2013 Yes
6. Final Evaluation of Coping with Drought programme Project 2013 Yes
7. Final Evaluation Report of African Adaptation Programme: Supporting Climate Resilient Sustainable Development in Ethiopia Project 2013 Yes
8. Midterm evaluation Sustainable Development of Protected Areas Programme Project 2012 Yes
9. Mid-Term Evaluation MDG Fund Environment Programme/ Enabling Pastoral Communities to Adapt to Climate Change and Restoring Rangeland Environment Project 2012 Yes
10. Private Sector Development promoted as a motor of Economic Growth Outcome 2011 Yes
11. At least one EGC is identified based on the national strategy framework and ready to be operational Outcome 2011 Yes
12. Pro-poor development accelerated through enhancement of local capacity for service delivery Outcome 2011 Yes
13. By end 2011, enhanced capacity for disaster risk management with respect to preparedness and ability to deliver a timely and appropriate multi-sectoral response to humanitarian needs Outcome 2011 Yes
14. Assessment of LED approach in Ethiopia Others 2011 Yes
15. Midterm Outcome Evaluation of the Governance Programme, Democratic Institution Programme (DIP) Outcome 2010 Yes
16. Final evaluation of Mine Action Project Project 2010 Yes
17. UNDAF Midterm Review/CPAP midterm evaluation UNDAF 2009 Yes
18. CPAP midterm evaluation Outcome 2009 Yes
19. Civil Service Reform Programme and PSCAP Midtern review Project 2007 Yes
20. Parliament project Phase III Project 2001 No
21. Final/Terminal Evaluation of the MDGF Environment Joint Programme Project -- Yes
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