Mid-term evaluation of the Governance Portfolio

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Evaluation Plan:
2022-2026, Eritrea
Evaluation Type:
Mid Term Project
Planned End Date:
Management Response:
Evaluation Budget(US $):
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Title Mid-term evaluation of the Governance Portfolio
Atlas Project Number: 00091871,00072514,00129676,00078098
Evaluation Plan: 2022-2026, Eritrea
Evaluation Type: Mid Term Project
Status: Planned
Planned End Date: 11/2025
Management Response: No
UNDP Signature Solution:
  • 1. Poverty
  • 2. Governance
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025)
  • 1. Output 1.1 The 2030 Agenda, Paris Agreement and other intergovernmentally-agreed frameworks integrated in national and local development plans, measures to accelerate progress put in place, and budgets and progress assessed using data-driven┬ásolutions
  • 2. Output 2.2 Civic space and access to justice expanded, racism and discrimination addressed, and rule of law, human rights and equity strengthened
  • 3. Output 2.3 Responsive governance systems and local governance strengthened for socio economic opportunity, inclusive basic service delivery, community security, and peacebuilding
SDG Goal
  • Goal 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
  • Goal 17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development
SDG Target
  • 16.3 Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all
  • 16.6 Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels
  • 16.b Promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development
  • 17.18 By 2020, enhance capacity-building support to developing countries, including for least developed countries and small island developing States, to increase significantly the availability of high-quality, timely and reliable data disaggregated by income, gender, age, race, ethnicity, migratory status, disability, geographic location and other characteristics relevant in national contexts
Evaluation Budget(US $): 30,000
Source of Funding: Project budget
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
GEF Evaluation: No
Key Stakeholders: Ministry of Finance and National Development (MoFND), Ministry of Trade and Industry, UNDP UNIDO, UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO, UNWOMEN and others
Countries: ERITREA

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