Final evaluation: Ethnic minorities

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2016-2020, China
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Final Project
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Title Final evaluation: Ethnic minorities
Atlas Project Number: 00044494
Evaluation Plan: 2016-2020, China
Evaluation Type: Final Project
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 12/2019
Planned End Date: 12/2019
Management Response: Yes
Focus Area:
  • 1. Poverty and MDG
  • 2. Others
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021)
  • 1. Output 1.2. Options enabled and facilitated for inclusive and sustainable social protection
SDG Goal
  • Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere
SDG Target
  • 1.1 By 2030, eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 a day
Evaluation Budget(US $): 4,887
Source of Funding: Project evaluation
Evaluation Expenditure(US $): 4,065
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
Evaluation Team members:
Name Title Nationality
Ling Lin N/A
GEF Evaluation: No
Key Stakeholders: China International Centre For Economic and Technical Exchanges

4.1.Program design and strategies

In the ProDoc, developed at the beginning of the program, the program framework (results and resources framework) is a better target for the development needs of Yi youth and women in MudingCounty. The activities of the program design are clear lying, specific and easy to operate. At the beginning of the program, the indicators of output and activity were relatively general, and as the program progressed overtime, the group of program beneficiaries gradually became concrete, and the outputs and indicator systems were gradually improved. The program strategy found no significant risk in the output1of "excavation and inheritance of traditional Embroidery for the Yi people". Strategies targeting fair trade concepts and standards and women's beneficiary groups need to be further tangible in terms of the output 2 for rose planting. Output 3, output 4in the strategy did not find major risk too.

Tag: Women's Empowerment Programme/Project Design Results-Based Management Youth


4.2.1Institutional arrangement and team

The core team currently in the ground is composed of the Embroidery Association and UNV. Embroidery Association key members were from 12 up to 150. Yi E-commerce company has 7 employees, involved in the sales of embroidery products and e-commerce management. Until 2017, the Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation (YYEEF) has staffed to carry out and coordinate the program, and a UNV was responsible for the program site coordination after October 2017. At present, the YYEEF is coordinating provincial government departments support to the program and allocate funds according to work plan. A secretary of the Muding County League Committee is responsible for providing government support and management of activities at local level.

Tag: Project and Programme management Coordination


4.2.2 Work plan

The Program Core team currently combines program documents (ProDoc) and Program Frameworks to develop an annual work plan (AWP) to guide implementation of activities accordingly. The AWP has established an approval mechanism, which is approved by representatives of UNDP, the CICETEand the Youth Creative Association at the annual coordinated review meeting. Original approved AWP was kept in CICETE and UNDPChina office.

The AWP'sformatting elements need to be relatively consistent with the program framework table.

Tag: Human and Financial resources


4.2.3 Fund utilization and program implementation rates

The total program budget is US$ 700,000, and since the signing of the cooperation agreement in August 2015 (June 2019), CICETE has allocated US$ 60,4645.58 to the program at a funding rate of 86.38%. As of June 2019, the completion or implementation rate of program activities was 85.96%

Tag: Efficiency Human and Financial resources


4.2.4 Program activity tracking

As the program is relatively small in size and the outputs are not complex, there is no specific program monitoring plan in the program framework document, and there are no program monitoring reports at the annual work plan. However, the program core team has a track record of the program activities based on the annual work plan to understand the progress of the program. Annual program progress reports are submitted in accordance with the UNDP program format, which details the activities undertaken by the program, the problems that exist and the next steps. It provides a basis for decision-making at the annual coordinated review meeting.

Tag: Monitoring and Evaluation


4.2.5 Stakeholder and partner management

At present, the embroidery association and the program implementation team can more clearly identify the stakeholders involved in embroidery products, and can come up with a clearer response strategy.

In the production of rose planting, there are currently relatively few stakeholders involved, and stakeholder identification and response strategies need to be further developed.

Tag: Communication Human and Financial resources Partnership Project and Programme management Capacity Building


In the interview, it was found that the embroidery women in the product list combing and stakeholder analysis has a clear thinking and strong self-confidence. VFor example: The Association's embroidery women with program support, has developed a series of products, can further subdivide specific consumer groups. See product list:

  1. Products with Flower design Muding traditional pattern camellia, because among the embroidery types, camellia is the only traditional flower that can represent the embroidery of Muding. The introduction of camellia can represent the Muding Yi embroidery.
  2. Three-dimensional embroidery mountain camelia flower with bamboo bag / frame painting series
  3. Craft: three-dimensional embroidery, flat needle embroidery, seed embroidery, long needle embroidery
  4. Meaning: richness with flowers blooming, peace and auspicious, happiness and well-being To the Yi auspicious pattern mountain camelia flower as the design element, to European-style three-dimensional embroidery, the inheritance of The Yi mountain camelia flower more vivid, more layered, three-dimensional sense.
  5. Embroidery Tradition and Sister Improvement WaistFeatures: the most traditional, the most classic, the most aesthetic art, human value, the most classic waist materials and accessories, use of reasonable improvement, so that it is more stylish, applicable.
  6.  Scented bagDouble-sided hand embroidery, the use of embroidery in pin embroidery, seed embroidery, flat needle embroidery and another traditional needle method, the pattern for the mud-ding-yuan friends in pomegranate flowers, camellias, horn flowers and other hundreds of patterns, filled with grass, Zhu sand and other spices. Top connection rope head into a lanyard, the lower hanging flow, can do sweater long chain, car hanging, wall hanging and other decoration. Hand-embroidered women's fashion bags, wraps, incense bags, pillows.
  7. Story. Folk traditional culture story embroidery works, with embroidery way to show the traditional culture, more intuitive. Objective To make people intuitive embroidery to understand the traditional culture of the local, such as Muding's "March Party Legend" "The Left Foot Dance" "Yu wedding customs" "The 15th of the first month new year to gather in the cat street" and so on.
  8. Objects. Gifts (women's products), children's cartoon embroidery, women's national clothing, men's clothing (Ma gua),

Tag: Jobs and Livelihoods


Through the experience of the program, members of the association can more comprehensive identify embroidery product marketing with key stakeholders, and according to the characteristics of stakeholders, to develop a more accurate response strategy. As an example, bellowing, embroidery women have done a stakeholder analysis matrix:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Government procurement
  • Urban White Collar/Female
  • Social crowd (left-foot dancer)
  • Artist
  • School
  • Yi cultural products business
  • The copycat
  • Culture Museum/Museum
  • Cultureproduct management / planning

Tag: Project and Programme management Jobs and Livelihoods Value Chain


4.2.6 Program reporting

  1. Annual program review meeting: The program was held annual tripartite review meeting for 2015-2016, 2017 and 2018 in October 2016, February 2018 and January 2019 respectively. UNDP?CICETEand YYEEF and related stakeholders participated in the review meeting. Participants were reviewed priory year progress and achievements, and discussed strategies for meeting challenges faced in implementation and discussed approved next year annual workplan and budget.
  2. Monthly meeting: According to the annual work plan and budget, the program coordinator on the "traditional cultural protection" sub-program facilitated the specific implementer -Muding County Youth Yi Embroidery Innovation Association, to update progress being made and plan for next steps forward and sign responsibility for each member through the monthly meeting.

Tag: Human and Financial resources Monitoring and Evaluation Project and Programme management


4.2.7 Internal communication and out reach

Among the partners, the daily communication between the partners is centered on the core team in the field, through UNV making the exchange and feedback with key parties, the communication mechanism so far between partners basically meet the requirements of program implementation.

Tag: Communication Knowledge management


4.3.1 Financial Sustainability

In the process of program implementation, the objectives, outputs and activity indicators,are basically matched with the scale and the funding level. During program operation the embroidery association and rose planting enterprise did not occur any phenomenon of broken financing support, but in the early stage of the program that there has been a delay in the allocation of funds.It is understood from this review that the period from negotiation to signature of the implementation contract is approximately 2-3 months from the first allocation of funds.

Tag: Challenges Sustainability Human and Financial resources


4.3.2 Social Economic Sustainability

Embroidery Association's products and beneficiary groups meet the objectives of the program, can also contribute to the SDG's related objectives. With the further expansion of marketing, production models have a certain social and economic sustainability, no major risks.The production mode of the rose planting base is a bit difficult to achieve the standardof fair trade due to its higher technical requirements, higher capital investment and market competition, as well as increasing water costs, and relatively fewbeneficiaries. Its social and economic sustainability has a challenge to be deal within following time

Tag: Sustainability Value Chain SDG Integration


4.3.3 Institutional Sustainability

Embroidery Association was established as an organization with well management mechanism, membershave done embroidery product design, processing, quality control and marketing capabilities by themselves, with the help of Yisheng e-commerce platform, and many embroidery women also have their own studio and diversified marketing channels, which show a good sustainability.

The rose planting base managed by Xinnong company with its management approach and community benefit mechanismis at some degree risk to the sustainability in terms of program institutional arrangement, due to marketing challenge and intensive cash input as well as.

Tag: Sustainability Country Support Platform Jobs and Livelihoods


4.3.4 Environment Sustainability

The production of traditional embroidery products with an impact on the local environment is no risk according to this assessment. The materials purchased do not have sufficient records to be reviewed their ecological footprint because they are not produced locally. In the future large procurement of cloth, if the first choice of environmentally friendly production suppliers, this will contribute to SDG water-related goals to be achieved.

Since the 55 mu of the base is located in a seasonal river side, with high level water use, intensive labor, fertilizer andpesticide input, the rose planting base manager and staff need more training on environmental management measures when they doing operations. This output may present risks to environmental fair-trade principles from the current perspective, to SDG water targetsas well. But if they can developand making its implementation of environmental management guidelines, this risk can be managed on this scale.

Tag: Environment Policy SDG Integration


2. Program progress and results

2.1.Output 1: A sustainable poverty alleviation modality created through supporting entrepreneurship and employment in cultural industries.

2.1.1.Establish the Association of Yi Embroidery Industry in Mouding County

Mouding Youth Yi Embroidery Enovation Association(Association) was established in January 14, 2016 with 250 memberships developed until now, most members areage from 20 to 55 year old, among memberships tha t98%are women and 2% are gentlemen.Theyare manly from County town, Dujiavillage in Xinqiao township, Monsi and Maojie village in Anle township, Wanchangvillage in Shujie townshipGuyan Village in Panmao township and Lawan village, those villages are manly Yi communities gathering areas. The Association is managed through a board with 18 members which lead by one chairman and 2 vice-chairmen. Under the board’s supervising, a secretary was setup for day to day management of the association. A general secretary was nominated for taking leadership role by members. Since then, internal management guidelines have been developed and a logo with Yi culture characteristic has been designed for communication and promotion of the association.

Tag: Oversight Jobs and Livelihoods



2.1.2 Competition for Minority Handicraft Entrepreneurship

In May 2016 the program supported the county Youth group, other associations and relevant agencies to organize a Yi culture dress T stage show in Mouting county. This culture show was presented to audiences with unique Yi traditional dresses for man and woman and variance styles for youth and elder. The event was promoting Yi culture very widely and raising high awareness in the area.

Tag: Women's Empowerment Jobs and Livelihoods


2.1.3 Capacity Building

  1. In January 2016, the county youth league has collected 500 questionnaires to assess training needs and baseline information for better understanding current operations, marketing and innovations of Yi embroidery processing interest groups.
  2. From2016 to2018, there were 6 trainings conducted for 500 Yiembroidery entrepreneurs on art design, color adaptation, product innovation and e-commerce and etc. Among 4 trainings, a tool package with new and improved tools provided for trainees to learn not only theory but practicing in the same time. Those trainings are dramatically increased beneficiary groups in the whole prefecture
  3. From 2016 to 2018, with support from the program the association has organized 3 study tours for whom well skilled embroidery and high motivated people to go out for learning and experiencing of new embroidery products, exploring their view on marketing chain and possible resources.
  4. With a corporation of the Youth Solution Trip, 4 young people recruited as youth practitioners workingfor this programon two topics one is Yi culture and another is rose planting fair trade. From October to November 2017, 4 young practitioners have conducted a 20-day field trip in program area. They have identified challenges and solutions according to their knowledge and experiences during engagement of local people. In the end of the trip, theyhas developed a ReadingNotes which titled Yi Embroidery. In the reading notes, they review and collected traditional Yi embroidery skills and culture aspects. The reading notes could be saved as a format for traditional culture protection and passing down.

Tag: Innovation Jobs and Livelihoods Youth


2.2 Output 2: A sustainable development model of rural economy in minority regions explored through promoting characteristic agriculture industry and adopting concepts of fair trade

2.2.1.Build rose plantation demonstration base

During 2016 and 2017, a 55-mu of rose plantation base has been established completely, which including 10 mu for Jala demonstration area. There are 11 sheds been built with 12 mu in the base, 4 mu for Suxing, 5.5mu for superrose and 2.5 mu for Dianhong. Another 2 mu for Jinbian Rose and 36 mu for Dianhong varieties being cultivated in open area.

Tag: Jobs and Livelihoods Poverty Alleviation


2.2.2 Staff training in the Plantation Base

Xinnong company has organized technical training for staff working in the base. The training was including planting and field operations, maintenance of field facilities, safety guards etc. Besidesthis, in 2018, Xinnong company has conducted a technical and pesticides management training for staff together with 60 villagers living around the base.

Tag: Capacity Building Technical Support


2.2.3. Setup farmer’s association

Based on the rose plantation, they organized “rose plantation association” andlaunched in 2018 to play a role in selling agriculture products off-line.

Tag: Agriculture Innovation


2.3 Output 3: Policy environment improved through policy researches

In May 2016, the program organized the Poverty Reduction and Development Forum in Muding County. About 70 participants from various program partners, embroidery associations and local government departments and invited experts in the relevant fields participated. The forum held a heated discussion on the theme of promoting poverty alleviation in ethnic minority areas in cultural industries. From the Central University of Nationalities, the National Civil Affairs Commission, the Chinese Association of Arts and Crafts, the Chinese Women's College, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, Yunnan Agricultural University Schoolof Economics and Management, Experts from the New Rural Research Institute provided many practical recommendations on the themes of program implementation and poverty reduction and development in local sectors, such as the development of characteristic and agro-industries in the context of poverty reduction and national cultural protection. The Forum provides practical and useful reference for poverty alleviation in Muding County, and also plays a very good role in the formulation and planning of program activities.

Tag: Environment Policy Poverty Reduction


2.4.Output 4: Through program advocacy and publicity, the public awareness on sustainable development in minority regions raised, the pride of local youth in their own cultural identity increased, and favorable social environment created for the youth and women employment and entrepreneurship, as well as for sustainable development.

2.4.1. Participation of exhibition and Fair

In August 2018, seven members of the Muding County Youth Embroidery Association, representing the Association, went to Kunming to participate in the 7-day Creative Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo 2018. As the only group in Chuxiong prefecture to participate in the Expo as a unit of the association, in addition to showing the program's local development and influence, but also showed the first batch of carved embroidery innovative and improved products, the members of the Association also used live dynamic exhibition, for visitors to present embroideryand Yi song and dance culture, Attracted a lot of media attention and interviews, and in the live broadcast for the online audience to share the programstory, introduced innovative embroidery products, received a lot of attention. The exhibition raised the public's awareness of the embroidery products, the resulting effect and influence has also been affirmed and recognized by the relevant local departments.

Tag: Jobs and Livelihoods Awareness raising


2.4.2. Social media promotion

From 2018 to the present, WeChat's social media platform, "Yi Embroidery", which is directly supported by the program, has been registered and successfully reviewed. The platform aims to make Yi embroidery better heritage and sustainable development through the organization, recording and promotion of embroidery culture. From March 2018 to date, the platform continued to push related articles and content more than 50 articles, the push of the article mainly related to the Yi embroidery culture, Yi embroidery-related knowledge of science and introduction, embroidery practitioners persona introduction, program-related activities of the case report, content covers text, pictures and videos, subject matter are taken from the local, And they're all original content. The WeChat platform currently has more than 600 long-term followers, the average number of tweets read about 300 times, is currently the only publicity and promotion of Yi embroidery more professional and influential WeChat platform. In addition to online publicity and promotion of embroidery culture. The WeChat platform also integrates offline activities, connecting the programto carry out local training and other series of activities, so that local embroidery practitioners immediately understand the relevant training and learning information, quick and convenient registration and participation. At present, the WeChat platform is building a WeStore, through this network sales platform for local embroidery products online sales and promotion.

Tag: Communication Country Support Platform Innovation Jobs and Livelihoods


2.4.3. UNDP Goodwill Ambassador site visit

In line with the work arrangements of the United Nations Development Program, Ms. Yang Ziqiong, The Global Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Development Program, and her team visited the Muding program site from 19 to 21 January 2018. Ms. Yang Ziqiong and her team visited the "JalaRose Garden Planting Base" to experience the planting process of the rose seedlings, and to communicate with the group of farmers employed at the Rose Base to understand the impact of the base on farmers and surrounding villages; And with the Muding County Youth Yi Embroidery Innovation Association members to communicate, understand the impact of the programon local entrepreneurial women. In Fengtun Township, Lawan Village, Ms. Yang Ziqiong visited the embroidery cooperative association, experienced embroidery, visited the embroidery producer's family, learned about the life of the village embroidery girl, and participated in the traditional "Magou" dance, understand the work of the programat the village level and the impact of the program. In addition, the prefecture and county-level league committees and relevant government leaders have actively supported the activity, a total of eight local and provincial media, such as China News Agency, carried out different degrees of coverage of the event, increasing the visibility of the program and publicity efforts. It has also promoted the attention and participation of government at all levels, program partners, local participants and the media, bringing long-term impact and support to the program.

Tag: Communication UNDP management


2.4.4. Traditional embroidery products into the international view

In May 2018, the United Nations Development Programme's New York headquarters procured a number of traditional embroidery bag ornaments and embroidery rings from six locally supported embroidery craft makers for online sale and display as UNDP-supported program products. This batch of embroidery products was shipped to New York and sold in the United Nations Development Programme's global online stores, along with products produced by united nations from different countries and produced by United Nations Development Programme-supported craft makers. Embroidery traditional products into the international field of vision, not only increased the outside understanding of the traditional Yi embroidery crafts,enhance the impact of the program, promote the support of the crowd, but also let the local embroidery practitioners increase their confidence. June 25-29, 2018, by the State Council Information Office and the State Council Office for Poverty Reduction, china's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Xinhua News Agency hosted the "Finding a Better Life" China Poverty Relief Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, in which "Culture Drives Economic Prosperity" This video shows the program's series of support efforts for local Yi youth and women groups in Muding County. In line with the current Government's "Fight poverty eradication" efforts, the program directly contributes twoUN’s sustainable development sub-goals of poverty reduction and gender balance through ethnic minority women in the traditional craft industry with the support of relevant local authorities, The video was broadcast in a more vivid way to make more people aware of the groups directly supported by the program and the impact it had on the ground.

Tag: Communication Jobs and Livelihoods Value Chain


No cost extension until September 2020


The embroidery association should use simple business plan.


The returned revolving fund should be reviewed and clearly defined for future uses.


The rose planting base should take inventory and report to the public. Xin Nong should continue the principles of fair trade.


Phase out plan from August 2019 to February 2020


Communicate with Jala’s senior management and invite technical experts to do an assessment of the cultivation effect of small roses.

1. Recommendation:

No cost extension until September 2020

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Partially agreed, the project will only be extended to April 2020 based on the consultation with the PMO and the local government.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Support PMO to complete remaining activities
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2020/10/16]
UNDP, CICETE, Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Foundation ( YYEEF) 2020/10 Completed All the activities on AWP have been completed. History
2. Recommendation:

The embroidery association should use simple business plan.

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Agreed. Capacity will be enhanced for the embroidery association to adopt simple business plan prior to the project closure.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Provide capacity building for the embroidery association to adopt simple business plan.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2020/03/24]
YYEEF 2020/03 Completed Confirmed with PMO History
3. Recommendation:

The returned revolving fund should be reviewed and clearly defined for future uses.

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Agreed.  An agreement will be made to ensure the returned fund will be used for further support to the embroidery association.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Sign an agreement to ensure the returned fund will be used for further support to the embroidery association.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/04/06]
UNDP, CICETE, YYEEF 2021/03 Completed The management plan of the revolving fund has been approved. History
According to the management measures of the revolving fund, the returned fund will be assessed and audited by independent evaluator(s). If the evaluation results met the expectation, the revolving fund will be handed over to YYEEF.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2020/10/16]
UNDP, CICETE, YYEEF 2020/10 No Longer Applicable [Justification: Audit for the project has been done before.]
4. Recommendation:

The rose planting base should take inventory and report to the public. Xin Nong should continue the principles of fair trade.

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Agreed. Actions will be taken prior to the project closure to ensure compliance to fair trade.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Ensure the rose planting base to make its inventory known to the public.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2020/10/29]
YYEEF 2020/10 Completed The inventory is completed. History
Require Xin Nong to continue participating in the cooperative governance process and maximize the benefits to the community.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2020/10/16]
YYEEF 2020/10 Completed The local community will keep participating in growing the roses. History
5. Recommendation:

Phase out plan from August 2019 to February 2020

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Partially agreed to have a phase out plan until April 2020

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Handover from existing team to local team with operation, decision-making, use of resources and responsibilities.
[Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/04/06]
CICETE, YYEEF 2021/03 Completed Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Foundation will be responsible for managing the revolving fund, and the rest (the Cooperative, the Rose base, etc) will be managed by the locals respectively. History
6. Recommendation:

Communicate with Jala’s senior management and invite technical experts to do an assessment of the cultivation effect of small roses.

Management Response: [Added: 2019/12/22] [Last Updated: 2021/01/25]

Disagree. Communication with Jala’s senior management was carried out, concluding that Jala will not be purchasing the roses to be produced from the base and the Jala’s rose production standards will not be necessarily followed.

Key Actions:

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