Mid-term evaluation of CPD

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Evaluation Plan:
2018-2022, Nigeria
Evaluation Type:
Country Programme Evaluation
Planned End Date:
Justification: Though the CO had planned to conduct an MTE, this did not happen because the CO has gone through transitions of senior management and unit team leads. As a result of this the MTE was not conducted. When the current management team came on board in August 2019 a decision was taken to do MTR which was completed in Feb 2020. Therefore, the decision is to cancel the MTE.
Management Response:
Evaluation Budget(US $):
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Title Mid-term evaluation of CPD
Atlas Project Number:
Evaluation Plan: 2018-2022, Nigeria
Evaluation Type: Country Programme Evaluation
Status: Cancelled
Planned End Date: 05/2020
Management Response: No
Focus Area:
  • 1. Poverty and MDG
  • 2. Democratic Governance
  • 3. Crisis Prevention & Recovery
  • 4. Environment & Sustainable Development
  • 5. Cross-cutting Development Issue
  • 6. Others
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021)
  • 1. Output 1.1. National and sub-national systems and institutions enabled to achieve structural transformation of productive capacities that are sustainable and employment - and livelihoods- intensive
Evaluation Budget(US $): 50,000
Source of Funding:
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
GEF Evaluation: No
Key Stakeholders: Ministry of Budget and National Planning, National Bureau of Statistics.
Countries: NIGERIA

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