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PIMS 2894 BD FSP Polesie Full-scale project
Commissioning Unit: Belarus
Evaluation Plan: 2006-2010
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 08/2009
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Belarus
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: The lack of an overall project work-plan for the full duration of the project has had some impact on the project implementation as some activities have ?drifted? (i.e. agro/eco-tourism and initiation of various construction works) causing delays which might affect the achievement of individual project outputs and outcomes. It is thus recommended that the Project prepare specific work-plans (official or unofficial) to guide it in a successful finalization of the project. At this point in time the Project is in a position where it still can meet its set targets (as listed in the Project Document and the Project log-frame) but a focused and strategic planning is needed.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/11/09]

Fully agree. Currently, the main tool used for planning is annual detailed work plan prepared for each project year, and approved by the national executing agency, Ministry of Environment, and UNDP. Development of an overall project work-plan for the full duration of the project appears to be a useful tool to ensure focused strategic planning. Develop. The plan is to be approved by UNDP Belarus and the national executing agency.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
An overall project work-plan for the full duration of the project will be developed
[Added: 2010/11/09] [Last Updated: 2011/04/15]
PMU 2009/12 Completed
The overall plan will be approved by UNDP Belarus and the Ministry of Environment of Belarus.
[Added: 2010/11/09] [Last Updated: 2011/04/15]
PMU, UNDP, MoEnv 2009/12 Completed
2. Recommendation: The MTE Team further suggests that the project critically review the feasibility (financial and otherwise) of a, six to eight months, ?no cost? project extension. Such an extension would not only provide the project more time to monitor and evaluate the impact and benefits of its agro/eco-tourism and monitoring components, but it would also put the project in a better position for reaching its target particularly in relation to the ?conversion? of polders.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/11/09]

There were some delays during the first half of the project implementation which caused the project to fall behind the schedule with some activities implementation, particularly in case of demonstration of viability of alternative use of polders, and development of eco-tourism on the natural reserves territories. Project extension would allow achieving fully the project outputs, along with monitoring/verification of the effectiveness and sustainability of the project results. However, even no cost project extension means administrative additional expenses (project staff salaries, communication, etc). Currently, the project finish date is April 2011. An extension until end of 2011 can be considered. The decision of project extension (or not extension) should be based on evaluation of the results of project implementation in 2009- 2010, taking into account availability of funds to cover additional administrative expenses. It appears that the best time for extension consideration is end of 2010; and the extension should be endorsed by the Project Steering Committee (PSC).

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Close monitoring of project implementation with focus on project outputs.
[Added: 2010/11/09] [Last Updated: 2011/04/15]
PMU, UNDP 2010/12 Completed Monitoring of project implementation will continue through 2011
Evaluation of project implementation and consideration of project extension at the end of 2010. In case of request for extension, it should be endorsed by the PSC
[Added: 2010/11/09] [Last Updated: 2011/04/15]
PMU, UNDP, MoEnv and PSC 2010/12 Completed Project has been extended till 31 Dec 2011

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