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Mid-Term Outcome Evaluation, LDDRRP; Capacity Building and Human Rights Awareness; Community Based Recovery
Commissioning Unit: Liberia
Evaluation Plan: 2004-2007
Evaluation Type: Outcome
Completion Date: 02/2006
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Liberia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: 5 All projects and programmes are to be continued until their prescribed time. None should be extended. UNDP Liberia to consider initiating a single program that would encompass the whole country, with three immediate objectives; Good local governance and empowerment at community level, vocational training at the community level and provision of small and micro credit scheme tied to community needs
Management Response: [Added: 2007/12/07]

Relevant, Accepted

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
The DDRR Programme continues to provide within the context of the RR Framework reintegration assistance to ex-combatants in formal education, agriculture, vocational skills training, and apprenticeships on the job training.
[Added: 2007/12/07]
Joint Implementation Unit 2007/12 Overdue-Initiated As at June 2007 over 81,000 ex-combatants had been provided reintegration assistance in all the sectors. The key challenges of the Programme have included delays by donors in actualizing their pledges to the Trust Fund, and identifying and contracting capable/credible national institutions to provide reintegration assistance. The major remaining challenge in 2008 is mobilizing the required funding to provide reintegration assistance to the verified residual caseload of 9,000 ex-combatants.
The Community Based Recovery activities continued and realized most of the outputs. In the Country Programme (2008-2012) there will be a shift in emphasis from restoring basic social infrastructure as in 2004-2007, to supporting livelihoods and capacity building of local institutions. Piloting of related interventions is already underway.
[Added: 2007/12/07]
Community Based Recovery 2007/12 Overdue-Initiated Seven(7) Community Credit Unions were initiated in 7 districts in Bong and Nimba counties in collaboration with UNDP Liberia Human Rights, Gender and Protection unit. Seventy Three (73) District Development Committees were established in all the 15 counties and supported to the tune of US$ 1M.
Human Rights, Gender and Protection activities continued and were intensified with focus on capacity building of Ministry of Gender and Development to discharge its mandate.
[Added: 2007/12/07]
Human Rights and Protection 2007/12 Overdue-Initiated As of 2007, the Human Rights and Protection Unit has continued its programme activities in the areas of monitoring and reporting human rights and protection issues, support to national institutions, local human rights organizations, support to the government in the form of capacity building, technical and logistical support and Economic Empowerment of Women through micro finance and skill training activities. Additionally, the programme has continued the training of local NGOs and court officials along with police officers in the counties on basic human rights issues. The programme intends to continue the above mentioned activities with emphasis on capacity building support to national institutions i.e. TRC, INHRC, Ministry of Justice, Gender and Development etc, Training of local NGOs, Police officers, judicial officials and to intensify the Economic empowerment of women programme and support to the Women NGO Secretariate. Support to local NGOs on awareness raising programme on GBV and human rights. The Programme will continue to support the promotion and protection of human rights especially women.
a. HIV/AIDS Program supported National Aids Control Programme/Minsitry of Health and Scoial Welfare in developing "Strengthening and Scaling Up HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in Liberia: Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (2007-2009) and joint review of Liberia National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS (2002-2007).b. Supported LIGHT Association, an organization for PLWHAs. Also initiated capacity building plan for Ministry of Health and Child Welfare to take over from UNDP Liberia as Principal Recipient in 2009.
[Added: 2007/12/07]
Global Fund 2007/12 Overdue-Initiated The program mobilized US$12M for Global Fund HIV/AIDS Round 6 (2007-2009) and US$12 for Malaria and US$ 4M for Tuberculosis for the period (2008-2010). National Aid Commission is not yet functional, technical and capacity building support currently through National Aids Control Programme/Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. UNDP Liberia's Human Rights, Gender and Protection unit supports capacity building for Ministry of Gender and Development.
Initiating a single program limited to the three objectives stated, would limit the Country Office's ability to respond national priorities in Liberia's post-conflict reconstruction and development agenda. The objectives recommended by the evaluation which emphasize local level interventions have to be supported by a broader policy and strategic framework for decentralization and development
[Added: 2007/12/07]
Governance and Strategy and Policy Units 2007/12 Overdue-Initiated The Country Programme Document (2008-2012) and Country Programme Action Plan (2008-2012), which are based on national priorities, provides the framework that ensures the programme contribution to economic growth and poverty reduction within an enabling governance environment that guarantees human and material security, protects human rights and significantly focuses on achieving the MDGs. The strategic areas of focus are Governance and Pro-poor Economic Growth and Policy Support. Inaddition, the Liberian National Decentralisation and Local Development Program (LDLD) -2007-2011, established with support from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) will address the specific local governance and empowerment issues raised in the evaluation report.

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