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DDRRP - Liberia
Commissioning Unit: Liberia
Evaluation Plan: 2004-2007
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 10/2006
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Liberia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: The transfer of responsibilities to NCDDRR from the JIU must be reflected in policy decisions and a transition plan must be prepared and validated by the stakeholders.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/10/07] [Last Updated: 2010/10/11]

Transfer took placed in 2008. Project is now closed.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Project closed in 2009
[Added: 2010/10/07]
Government of Liberia and UNDP 2009/06 Completed
2. Recommendation: The ownership and the future of the database needs to be determined, as this raises of number of issues regarding confidentiality and protection of participants.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/10/07]

Database was handed over to the Government of Liberia.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Database handed over to the Government of Liberia.
[Added: 2010/10/07]
UNDP 2009/01 Completed
3. Recommendation: 1. There is an urgent need to define the areas of competence of NCDDRR, JIU/UNDP DDRR, UNMIL RRR. The internal review of NCDDRR together with the external mid-term evaluation of the DDRRP should be urgently completed with a review of each stakeholder?s area of responsibility, and particularly that of UNMIL RRR in relation to the changes in NCDDRR and JIU/UNDP. A specific mission from Senior Management of UNMIL, NCDDRR, UNDP and UNICEF should be fielded to identify the possible exit strategy of the DDRRP into the wider recovery framework (which is still not fully developed), address the issue of the DDRRP?s continuation and re-focusing of the implementation mode (and consider including a participation from communities instead of only targeting programme participants, as suggested under point 2. of operational level recommendations).
Management Response: [Added: 2010/10/11]

1. The DDRR Technical Working Group (TWG) comprising the National Commission on Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration (NCDDRR), UNDP, UNMIL/RRR, UNICEF, ILO, Government of Liberia line ministries, Donor representatives and NGOs endorsed a new framework. In this regard, the project ?Reintegration Assistance to Liberia DDRR Programme Residual Caseload Beneficiaries? was put in place to provide reintegration support to up to 8,789 residual ex-combatants who did not receive any assistance from the initial DDRR Programme and who are still in need of reintegration assistance, by providing them with reintegration support aimed at increasing their probability for employment across Liberia. The mandate of the NCDDRR (Executive Order) was extended for period of one year from April 13, 2008.

Key Actions:

4. Recommendation: At the overall strategic level, NCDDRR has a difficult role to play, as its new leadership must simultaneously address very different issues : ? Role of the NCDDRR in the remaining life cycle of the DDRRP; ? Role of the NCDDRR in relation to the other parallel programmes; ? Role of the NCDDRR in relation to the UNICEF child projects; ? Role of the NCDDRR after the completion of the DDRRP and other projects. It is recommended that after 2007 the NCDDRR change its name and structure. In line with the President?s position, the evaluation believes that the best possible result of NCDDRR?s work is that ex-combatants cease to be an issue, and become a part of the community life through community-based initiatives. Therefore the programmatic focus should in 2007 shift to the communities rather continuing targeted individual support. However this requires a national recovery framework that will certainly exist soon as it is currently being developed. ? To ensure this multiple transition NCDDRR should also plan its exit strategy beyond 2007, along with the corresponding exit strategy of UNMIL?s RRR.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/10/11]

1. NCDDRR was the lead Government of Liberia implementing agency with support programme implementation in: ? Information dissemination and sensitization of the target beneficiaries in collaboration with UNMIL RRR and UNDP ? Opportunities mapping collaborating with the Ministry of Labor and UNDP and UNMIL RRR ? Career counselling working with Young Men?s Christian Association (YMCA) ? Psychosocial counselling working with NGOs specialised in providing psychosocial assistance ? Validation of beneficiaries working with UNDP and UNMIL RRR ? Tracking, Monitoring and Evaluation in collaboration with UNDP, UNMIL RRR, the donor and line Ministries in their specialized fields of intervention such as education, skills training and agriculture. ? Preparing monthly implementation progress reports Delivery of the various activities under the final Phase programme was undertaken through partnerships with national institutions, national and international NGOs and the private sectors. Implementing partners were selected through a competitive process.

Key Actions:

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