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Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Peat Swamp Forests and associated Wetlands Ecosystems
Commissioning Unit: Malaysia
Evaluation Plan: 2008-2012
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 02/2009
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Malaysia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: The main recommendations of the terminal evaluation are: 1. The parties involved in the project (EPU, MONRE/FRIM, UNDP) should collaborate to initiate the establishment of the trust fund for sustainable management and conservation of all threatened peat swamp forests sites in Malaysia. 2. In order to ensure sustainable management and continued implementation of the IMPs at all three sites ownership is needed by the respective states. The national wetland policy of NRE could support this through liberation of resources and maintained support. 3. Ecological monitoring should be incorporated as a standard operational procedure (SOP) in the forest departments in Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak. The IMS should be made a standard Forestry Department software package and be implemented by the GIS sections in each Forestry Department. FRIM and the Forest Research Divisions at Sarawak and Sabah should provide technical support in implementation of both the SOP and IMS. 4. Access to Loagan Bunut NP should be seriously addressed and improved. We recommend stronger action in addressing erosion problems with plantation establishment and forestry activities in the areas surrounding Loagan Bunut NP to stop sedimentation of the lake. 5. The market for voluntary carbon-offset programme should be further investigated. The funds can be used to further improve management at all three project sites. 6. The developed capacity and information on PSF currently being kept at FRIM UNDP office should be safeguarded for future use.
Management Response: [Added: 2009/11/22]

The issues was discussed in the last NSC meeting. Actions are now taken by the respective state agencies.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents

[Added: 2009/11/22]
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