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UMIER - Support to Management and Strategic Policies
Commissioning Unit: Serbia
Evaluation Plan: 2005-2010
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2006
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Serbia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: A HR plan and policy for the staff of the Ministry, which includes plans for the future should be developed. The IT training should be supported for about three more months. Install a back up link to internet. Develop the IT-department to a focal point for all government computer training. Secure the Newsletter by making it a common property of the Ministry and the Integration Office. The skills of the EU Integration Office staff have to be enhanced. Continue the advisory support to the Office.
Management Response: [Added: 2009/10/12]

Continue capacity development support to national ministries, SEIO in particular.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Develop support to Serbian EU integration office project
[Added: 2009/10/12]
Serbia 2009/10 Completed

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