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Institution Building in the MOFE
Commissioning Unit: Serbia
Evaluation Plan: 2005-2010
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2006
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Serbia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: The performance management system should be based on the following tiers: 1.Monitoring Outputs: a system has been proposed to help monitoring the project outputs. The indicators proposed are rather straightforward as they tightly integrate with the annual work plan and underlying set of activities. This system serves three main purposes which are (i) to offer a tool to help managing the project, (ii) to second the objectives of the knowledge sharing system, (iii) to tackle shortcomings identified in the final evaluation of the CBF, where little evaluation of impacts had been done but critics had focused on project processes and management. 2.Monitoring Outcomes: the mid term review should be leveraged to devise more precisely outcome indicators, although some insights have been provided in this document, mainly proposing at that time to conduct interviews or surveys of sample client base -internal and external- for the appropriate indicators. Traditional methodologies used in marketing research could be invoked at that time. 3.Monitoring Impact: the final evaluation should look more closely at this aspect, though the current framework seems in compliance with the programme outcome and the expected long term impact of the project. The knowledge management system should be based on a three-tiers plan as follows: 1.Codification of Unique Knowledge: a system has been proposed to harness the knowledge generated during the course of the project and to strengthen the institutional memory of the referred units. The focus is first on collecting all documents produced throughout the project cycle. The second driver should be to leverage reflexive approaches (BTOR, ARN, etc.) to codify and share one-off knowledge acquisition activities. 2.Codification of Programmable Knowledge: whenever possible, repetitive actions should be codified in the form of guidelines, templates, checklists and the like "how to guides". 3.Personalization of knowledge sharing: although the current context in the administration pledges for stronger knowledge codification routines, the project should assess knowledge needs in the respective beneficiary units and develop learning / training plans to be implemented with the support of the consultants. Finally, at project start, the Project Team Leader should consider conducting the following actions: 1.Review project documents and materials 2.Organize meetings with the NPD and the relevant units in MoF 3.Discuss the project activities in the light of the project document and the annual work plan and targets 4.Develop quarterly work plans, including targets and timeframes 5.Precise for each activity the tasks that the consultants will have to accomplish and their responsibilities, and define the type of skills / expertise required for each of them 6.Develop the TORs with MoF according to the needs and work plans 7.Support the recruitment process 8.Identify or assign one focal point in each unit 9.Identify time, location, agenda and participants of kick-off workshop (2 to 4 hours) 10.Identify and book time as well as location of all regular project meetings for the next 6 months 11.Distribute all relevant templates: a.Meeting minutes b.Back to office report c.Strategic Advisory Notes d.Action reflection notes e.Checklist f.Single frames g.Individual progress reporting sheet h.UNDP monthly aggregated progress report i.Annual work plan with indicators 12.Help to organize the first Steering Committee 13.Collect relevant materials: j.Annual work plan with counterpart defined targets k.Quarterly work plan with counterpart defined targets l.Monthly Progress reports with minutes from bi-weekly meetings, Strategic Advisory notes, BTOR, etc. 14.Develop a Communication Plan
Management Response: [Added: 2009/10/12]

Organize work so to respond to main evaluation recommendations. Continue supporting the MoF CD initiatives

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Assure Project Manager's commitment to aply recommendations
[Added: 2009/10/12]
Serbia 2009/10 Completed

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