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Developing Strategies for Sustainable Development in SCG
Commissioning Unit: Serbia
Evaluation Plan: 2005-2010
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 03/2007
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Serbia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: 1.The campaign cannot end with the approval by the Government of the NSDS. Selling sustainable development to the general public is no easy task under the best of circumstances, and the propensity of the "man in the street" to take it on board in Serbia cannot be assumed to be very high. 2.The campaign should therefore be sustained throughout NSDS implementation and I would recommend that it be a principal component of the second phase project. 3.In the implementation phase the nature of this campaign should differ from what is now ongoing and focus more on raising the level of awareness and understanding of sustainable development in the general public. 4.It should therefore include an element of training of Serbian journalists, there is apparently no training related to sustainable development available to them at this time. This training could consist of a series of seminars. 5.To make the concept of sustainable development meaningful to ordinary people it is necessary that they can see practical changes affecting them in their daily lives, such as improved garbage collection or reduced air pollution and the like. This is where the pilot projects are important, and they will be an important component of the NSDS implementation phase. It is important that the awareness raising campaign be carefully calibrated with the pilot projects to avoid that expectations are raised and then unfulfilled. For example, if the awareness of the public of the need for sorting garbage is raised, then the municipality concerned must also be able to collect and process that garbage, lest people quickly become disappointed and cynical.
Management Response: [Added: 2009/10/19]

The second phase project would consist of a core component and an open-ended component for pilot projects. The core component would be financed in its entirety by the Swedish government through Sida. It would ensure the continuation of the present coordination unit in the Office of the DPM and provide resources for a communication unit, a consultancy fund, some support to the Council for Sustainable Development, and funds for workshops to train environmental journalists. The open-ended component would initially include five headings for pilot projects, others could later be added. These projects are listed in the attached concept note, a more comprehensive description is available in the Office of the DPM. They could be large or small, depending on the availability of finance, but initially most of them would focus on specific municipalities. They would be financed by other interested donors, including the private sector and civil society.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
The second phase project would initially be of a duration of two years, but future extensions would be likely.
[Added: 2009/10/19]
Serbia 2009/10 Completed

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