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Outcome Evaluation of UNDP Support for National Strategies Reflecting Vision 2021 in terms of Pro-poor and Sustainable Development Policies, Enhancing the Labour Sector and the Cost Effective Delivery of Public Services
Commissioning Unit: Saudi Arabia
Evaluation Plan: 2008-2011
Evaluation Type: Outcome
Completion Date: 04/2010
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Saudi Arabia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: 1) Progress on sustaining the requisite governmental functions and activities in the stated areas 2) Progress on Recruitment of Saudi nationals and personnel 3) Progress in maximizing to the greatest possible extent the Saudi determination of its economic and social policies and strategies
Management Response: [Added: 2010/05/05]

1) Agree. Good progress achieved in provision of high level advisory services to Government for formulation of national strategies and policies. 2)Agree. Good progress has been made on the provision of advisors to the Government under various programmes, but more attention needed to ensure sustainability of such services. 3)Agree. Good progress made in supporting partners in identifying critical development issues and crafting policy responses within national strategies and policies

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Continued dialogue with partners to further align cooperation to national priorities
[Added: 2010/05/05] [Last Updated: 2016/11/13]
Programme No due date Completed This was achieved back then and continues to do so on an annual basis, no due date was entered originally History
Review of new projects developed in 2010 to ensure sustainability of advisory support, including through LPAC process
[Added: 2010/05/05] [Last Updated: 2016/11/13]
Programme Unit 2010/12 Completed History
Review of emerging priorities in context of new 9th national development plan (2010-2015)
[Added: 2010/05/05] [Last Updated: 2016/11/13]
Programme Unit 2010/12 Completed History

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