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Final Evaluation of National Strategic HIV and AIDS Response Plan
Commissioning Unit: Mozambique
Evaluation Plan: 2012-2016
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 10/2014
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Mozambique
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: In relation to key populations, it is recommended that the implementation of programs geared to reach these populations continue, ensuring harmonization of service packages to be provided and ensure the linkage with clinical components, harmonizing M&E systems and procedures. For male circumcision, it is recommended that there is a reinforcement of communication strategies focused on the creation of demand by this clinical service, taking into consideration the cultural variations in the focus areas. In relation to Communication and Behavior change, it is recommended that there is a consolidation of the gains achieved with the implementation of the Communication Strategy and the promotion of interventions that stimulate social changes in the communities, mobilizing influential people to enhance the reduction of stigma in relation to HIV and AIDS; psychosocial assistance to PLH IV; access to serodiscordant couples; social rejection of Multiple Partners; increment of acceptance and demand of health services; references to clinical services; assistance to service retention; adhesion to TARV; gender equality; reduction of gender-based violence, including the reduction of early marriage rates; mitigation, home care and COVs. Specific Key populations shall benefit from packages directed to communication, adapted to each socio-behavioral profile.
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/10]

UNDP support to the raising awareness campaigns will advocate for harmonization of service packages to be provided and ensure linkage with clinical components. In addition, specific strategies will be developed aiming at specific target groups.

Key Actions:

2. Recommendation: Regarding the Sectorial and Decentralized Planning Processes, it is recommended to proceed to a strategic investment in the knowledge transfer of competencies of planning for the province and district level, subsidized by the provision of knowledge about the behavior of the epidemic.
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/10]

UNDP will ensure assistance is provided at provincial and district levels to include HIV/AIDS themes into the local planning processes. UNDP will specifically act in the 3 provinces targeted by the CP.

Key Actions:

3. Recommendation: The next planning cycles should be designed at its base, in close link with the data and monitoring and evaluation systems, to ensure that such strategic instruments are effectively oriented to results and informed by tangible and monitorable evidence, as previously agreed. Similarly, it is also recommended that the next planning cycles of the response seek to capitalize on the practical experiences of Operational Research conducted under PEN III (ex IBBS) expand in scale and frequency, in order to capture the different dimensions of response, allowing redirection of investment to most effective and evidence-based interventions in a holistic perspective of response to HIV and AIDS, incorporating other endemics. The predictability of the execution of the research must be ensured through the allocation of resources to these initiatives in advance.
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/10]

UNDP will advocate and assist in the development of evidence based culture in the HIV/AIDS thematic area. It will also work in close cooperation with other UN Agencies to ensure strong M&E Frameworks are developed for the next Strategic Plan and that baselines data are available to assess progress.

Key Actions:

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