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Gender Audit in Bhutan
Commissioning Unit: Bhutan
Evaluation Plan: 2008-2013
Evaluation Type: UNDAF
Completion Date: 04/2012
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Bhutan
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: Building and boosting capacity and competence for gender mainstreaming
Management Response: [Added: 2012/12/18]

To achieve the goal of building critical mass of gender experts, it is suggested to work towards building critical mass of gender trained people amongst the Implementing Partners to be backed by a dedicated team of gender experts at UNCT level who can support the IPs and UN staff members equally. Capacity building in gender (whether at the institutional, organizational, and individual levels) is an iterative process and needs to be done on a continuum basis. In this regard, three consecutive trainings on gender mainstreaming have been conducted for sectoral Gender Focal Points, UNCT Gender Task Force members, and Local Government Officials in gender mainstreaming.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Gender mainstreaming trainings conducted for sectoral Gender Focal Points, UNCT Gender Task Force members, and Local Government Officials
[Added: 2012/12/18]
Governance Unit/Gender 2012/03 Completed 3 consecutive trainings conducted for targeted groups on gender mainstreaming held in Sri Lanka.
Engendering Environment and Energy Portfolio of UNDP Bhutan
[Added: 2012/12/18] [Last Updated: 2013/03/27]
Environment unit 2014/12 Completed Comments The GCCA-funded project on engendering the E&E portfolio has started its implementation. International and National consultant has been recruited. 5 projects have been identified for gender analysis.
2. Recommendation: Consolidating and strengthening national coordination/ Implementation mechanism for gender mainstreaming
Management Response: [Added: 2012/12/18]

The Royal Government has put in place the institutional framework for gender mainstreaming comprising of the national gender machinery and Gender Focal Points (GFPs) in all line ministries, Dzongkhags and autonomous agencies of the government. This framework is supposed to facilitate the mainstreaming of gender into all government policies, programmes and activities. However, in practice the current institutional framework has inadequacies in its coordination, monitoring and evaluation functions that are affecting the smooth functioning of the system. This coupled with limited gender analytical skills and techniques of the IPs have slowed down the pace of gender mainstreaming in Bhutan. The UNCT gender strategy will be developed in December 2012 for the next UNDAF cycle. Further, the network of GFPs has been expanded to include Ministry of Finance.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Expansion of GFP network to include Ministry of Finance
[Added: 2012/12/18]
Governance Unit 2012/06 Completed
Development of Gender Strategy for UNCT (DAO)
[Added: 2012/12/18] [Last Updated: 2012/12/27]
UN Gender Task Force 2012/12 Completed The new One UN Plan has incorporated gender mainstreaming as an important element in programming and a specific outcome on Gender has been included.
3. Recommendation: Piloting GRB for optimal impact
Management Response: [Added: 2012/12/18]

The Ministry of Finance and NCWC launched Gender Responsive Budgeting in Bhutan with support from the UN systems in Bhutan to influence the policy and programming from a gender perspective.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Launch of Gender Responsive Budgeting by Ministry of Finance with support from National Commission for Women and Children and UN systems in Bhutan
[Added: 2012/12/18]
Governance Unit/Gender Task Force 2012/07 Completed
In the policy guidelines of the 11th Five Year Plan, it has been mentioned that Gender responsive budgeting shall be developed and implemented to facilitate the conduct of gender responsive activities.
[Added: 2012/12/18] [Last Updated: 2013/03/27]
Governance Unit/Gender Task Force 2013/03 Completed In-country deepening workshop on GRB has been held from 30,31 January to 1 February 2013, which was led by the Ministry of Finance/Dept of National Budget in partnership with GNHC, DLG and NCWC.

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