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Final evaluation Consolidation of Cape Verde Protected Areas project
Commissioning Unit: Cape Verde
Evaluation Plan: 2012-2017
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2015
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Cape Verde
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

Corrective actions for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project - Mostly recommendations relating to the project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation were already made during the MTR, and should be considered. The MTR is of high quality and offers useful lessons. 

Management Response: [Added: 2016/12/15]

UNDP recognizes some delay in the implementation of the Mid-term evaluation and acknowledges the importance of midterm evaluation for an appropriate project implementation and therefore considers the the suggestion made for the coming projects. We will consider all the suggestions and comments as lessons learned. For next projects, costs of verification systems will be better appraised and a SMART test will be applied to each indicator proposed as welll as the mechanisms for projecto implementation. We consider that reflections are needed on the approach to project M&E system to make sure is better integrated on national systems and/or contribute to reinforce sector statistics tools whenever they do not exist.

Key Actions:

2. Recommendation:

Actions to follow up or reinforce initial benefits from the project: i) Refining the long-term vision: PA management sub-service at DGA versus PAAA; ii) For now focus on effectively operationalizing the PA management sub-service at DGA; iii) Strategy to finish the work that has been started; iv) Cutting edge community of practice: document, analyse and share PA management experiences from within Cape Verde.



Management Response: [Added: 2016/12/15] [Last Updated: 2016/12/15]

These recommendation will be considered for the Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation on the Tourism sector project approved by the governement.

Key Actions:

3. Recommendation:

Proposals for future directions underlining main objectives - At this point it seems that the most sensible priority is a dedicated effort to operationalize the PAs which have been already demarcated and agreed to. While for strategic reasons there may be a need to also invest into the further expansion of the PAS to “out compete” other claims on land- and seascapes and areas. The in the GEF 5 identified tourism linkage is of high relevance especially for those islands with high tourism development pressure. Further investments, e.g. by a GEF 6 intervention could further improve and upscale community-based and innovative eco-businesses. More specific scoping of PPPs with tourism investors could be specifically scoped.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/12/15]

Recommentation will be considered for the Mainstreaming Biodiversity conservation on the tourism sector project approved by the Governement on February 2016.

Key Actions:

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