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Terminal Evaluation Report - emergency biodiversity conservation measures for the recovery and reconstruction of Wenchuan earthquake hit regions in Sichuan Province
Commissioning Unit: China
Evaluation Plan: 2011-2015
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 01/2012
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: China
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: The Project has produced several very important Plans/Framework, such as the ?Ecological Rehabilitation Plan?, ?Reconstruction Framework for Nature Reserve? and ?Sichuan BSAP? etc., which have a long-term guiding role to biodiversity conservation in the earthquake-hit areas. It is suggested that Sichuan provincial government should organize biodiversity-related sectors to further strengthen capacity building at legal and institutional levels (for example, local biodiversity management regulation and cross-sector enforcement group for biodiversity conservation) and develop a detailed annual budget scheme/plan to implement them in a coordinated manner. Furthermore an inter-sector coordinating mechanism, like inter-sector meeting for biodiversity conservation, should be established as soon as possible to coordinate the efforts made by multi-sectors which are involved in biodiversity conservation.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/01/28]

The improved and reviewed ?Sichuan BSAP? relying on the financial support of the project has been adopted by the Sichuan people's government 89th executive session, and already entered executive phase at present. The ?Sichuan BSAP? includes contents about policy and regulation safeguard, organization, leadership and supervision, implementation capacity etc. Meanwile,it will improve the relevant policies, laws and regulations system and strengthen the guidance and regulation of biodiversity protection in Sichuan Province; establish a joint conference system through the coordination of various departments which referred to environment, forestry, agriculture, stock farming, water conservancy, land and resources, construction, tourism and other departments. All thoes departments will engage in the organization and implementation of the ?Sichuan BSAP?.

Key Actions:

2. Recommendation: Biodiversity conservation has formed an integral part of relevant governmental sector?s routine work. It is suggested that a performance assessment in the field of biodiversity conservation should be integrated into the whole governmental sector assessment framework.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/01/28]

The improved and reviewed ?Sichuan BSAP? relying on the financial support of the project has been adopted by the Sichuan people's government 89th executive session, and already entered executive phase at present. Contents of evaluation mechanism safeguard is established specially in ?Sichuan BSAP? ?strengthen the research of evaluation technical and methods, institutionalize the evaluation of biodiversity, and the evaluation results should be released to public in time and included into the evaluation index system of environmental protection performance of local governments?.

Key Actions:

3. Recommendation: Reconstruction actions may pose a high risk on local biodiversity in poor mountainous areas. It is suggested that innovative approaches need to be developed and demonstrated to combine biodiversity conservation with livelihood improvement of local farmers. In particular, the experience/model from Pingwu County where local farmers achieved an increase in honey production and a remarkable improvement in product quality bee through conserving local wild honey plants should be summarized and further expanded to other areas.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/01/28]

In this project, we use the way of alternative livelihood to increased understanding of biodiversity values for local people, and we use the same way in other project. For example, the integrated ecosystem management project in Baoxing County, through planting large area cash crop to increase income and create model of eco-agriculture, it is projected that farmers ?income will increase to an annual average of RMB50000/household. It?s not only improved the quality of life, but also protects local biodiversity.

Key Actions:

4. Recommendation: The secondary disasters induced by the earthquake may severely threaten the biodiversity in the earthquake-hit areas. It is suggested that continuous monitoring and survey in the earthquake-hit areas should be performed to identify the changes of key ecosystems and endangered species using the ?Technical Guideline for Ecological and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment in the Earthquake Areas.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/01/28]

At present, we have a specific activity. A macro, dynamic monitoring on ecological restoration will be carried on in Sichuan through collecting satellite sample of earthquake stricken area in the year of 2010, 2011. Meanwhile, project sites-Mianyang and Dujiangyan environmental monitor station keep at routine monitor which included ecological monitoring.

Key Actions:

5. Recommendation: The conservation awareness of mountainous farmers has still much room to be raised and they have a strong expectation to increase family income and improve life quality. It is suggested that combination of biodiversity publicity with training courses in production technology should continue to be performed using the training material developed by the Project.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/01/28]

Every June 5, the world environment day, Sichuan will hold promo of protecting biodiversity and using the training material developed by the project. And in all meetings and activities referred to biodiversity, we also give out training material.Recently; we give out publicity disk of Sichuan BSAP in Macao international Environmental Co-operation forum & Exhibition.

Key Actions:

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