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Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management in Niue
Commissioning Unit: Samoa
Evaluation Plan: 2013-2017
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 03/2013
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Samoa
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: Evaluation Recommendation or Issue 1. Combine good governance practices with continuing manpower capacity development The DAFF provides a good enabling environment for sustaining and mainstreaming efforts for SLM. One noteworthy practice is the conduct of regular village level dialogue in order to be updated of the situation. Another is the participation in village development planning processes as technical resource persons, as in the case of Tuapa. In another project, the DAFF co adapted aspects of the concept of farmer field schools (FFS) to the Niue situation which created a network of farmers who can share innovations to other farmers. So that these good processes will become more effective and sustainable, it would be helpful if the DAFF can continue with post project capacity building especially of its regular staff. This would help ensure that its personnel would continue to be up to par with the dynamic needs of agriculture especially with the challenges of climate change. In this connection, DAFF may wish to conduct a post project rapid training needs assessment of its staff in order to take stock of what is known already and what needs to be known based on the recurrent concerns raised by farming communities. The DAFF may then seek the help of friendly international partners (e.g. experts from SPC or Australian / New Zealand partners) to provide support by inviting staff to conference and workshops or provide online coaching.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/19]

: This recommendation will be taken on board by the new Ridge to Reef project

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1.1 Institutional strengthening of the capacity of the Environment Department and DAFF for planning and monitoring PAs and R2Rmanagement for linked landscapes for effective environmental management, enforcement and compliance monitoring
[Added: 2014/02/19] [Last Updated: 2018/09/11]
DAFF - UNDP 2019/12 Completed 12.09.17 Capacity Needs assessment of DoE and DAFF is an activity under the Niue National R2R project and will be implemented. 5 personnel from the MNR are undertaking Postgraduate Certificate studies on R2R though Jame Cook University History
1.2 Systematic national level ecosystems and species level biodiversity monitoring system established, with data sharing and joint training and survey activities for terrestrial and marine areas
[Added: 2014/02/19] [Last Updated: 2018/09/11]
DAFF - UNDP 2019/12 Completed 12.09.17 All these are activities under Niue National R2R project, but as the project in its first year of implementation the surveys are starting and monitoring system will come later on History
2. Recommendation: Evaluation Recommendation or Issue 2: Mainstreaming specific SLM practices Village level extension. Maintain the momentum for participating in village planning development efforts and incorporating SLM strategies in village development plans. This should now be a major focus of post project SLM efforts. The experience in Tuapa village may be assessed and measures implemented to address constraints or opportunities that will prevent or enable the community to implement the SLM activities that they have planned earlier.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/19]

also to be taken on board in the design of Ridge to Reef project

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
2.1. Village committees? and government departments? capacities increased to integrate R2R into community development and adaptation plans (building on CCCSDP), with clearly specified roles and responsibilities, including for sustainable financing
[Added: 2014/02/19] [Last Updated: 2018/09/11]
DAFF Niue govt - UNDP 2020/12 Completed 12.09.17 Community conservation management plans will be developed and implemented under the National R2R project as well as opportunities under GEF SGP History
2.2. Conservation and management activities (soft and concrete measures) undertaken at village and cross-village levels
[Added: 2014/02/19] [Last Updated: 2018/09/11]
DAFF ? Niue govt - UNDP 2020/12 Completed 2015-2020 History
3. Recommendation: Evaluation Recommendation or Issue 3: (c) Resource Mobilization SLM as Climate Change Adaptation strategy. SLM practices should increasingly be promoted not just as SLM technologies but as also as climate change adaptation strategies in order for them to be better appreciated. This is also because most of climate change adaptation strategies are in fact derived from long accepted SLM oriented practices such as use of live mulch, soil and water conservation practices. Integrated Financing Strategy (IFS). Accelerate negotiations with the UNCCD and the Global Mechanism (financial arm of UNCCD) to secure a grant for the preparation of an IFS for Niue. The IFS will help the GON systematically identify and implement specific measures for resource mobilization for SLM. Financial management.- It would be good if GON and UNDP sit down to discuss how to strategically address recurring problems related to financial management of NEX Projects as experienced by the SLM project. M&E system. Future project proposals should benefit from the project?s experience on the use (or lack thereof) of the M&E system. The development of and adherence of a project specific, professionally prepared M&E plan should be an important project conditionality for fund releases in future projects. This will also ensure effective adaptive management.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/19]

the recommendation is noted and will take into consideration and discussion for improvement when designing future projects.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
3.1 Design of the new Ridge to Reef project will reflect on these recommendations to identify a more optimal modality of implementation for the project
[Added: 2014/02/19] [Last Updated: 2017/09/11]
UNDP ? Govt of Niue 2014/12 Completed 12.09.17 UNDP has had several trainings and meetings and with R2R project teams and Treasury on NIM and NEX advances and reporting requirements of UNDP GEF project. Project management training conducted annually and reporting templates customized and used by project teams. UNDP also provides additional support to the project team through direct payments and procurement to support project implementation History

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