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Transformación y fortalecimiento del mercado de calentadores solares de agua en México (EvF)
Commissioning Unit: Mexico
Evaluation Plan: 2014-2020
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 03/2017
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Mexico
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

There is no methodology or guidance given in the ProDoc for the Mexican CP to calculate the target indicators. The target indicators reflect the achievement of the outcomes and by calculating them each year, they help to plan the effort to put in each activity. These methodologies and parameters to calculate the indicators should be defined in the M&E plans. In this particular program of market transformation, the end-user awareness and the cost of the SWH systems were not defined as indicators whereas they allow understanding the real market evolution. The definition of adapted target indicators together with the development of clear methodology to monitor these indicators would help UNDP, UNEP and the country counterparts to understand the progress towards the project goals.

Management Response: [Added: 2017/10/16]

Agreed. The more involvement of CO in the design of global Prodocs could help identify other potential local indicators which can give more precise information as to the CP development. However, CO involvement at the Prodoc stage does not entirely depend on CO as such, but on the previous interaction before and during the planning phase.  

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
For inception of follow-up project, design of indicators depended entirely on UNDP and CONUEE
[Added: 2017/10/16]
UNDP 2017/06 Completed The PRODOC of the new project will consider the evaluatión recomendation.
2. Recommendation:

The ProDoc was developed several years before the implementation started and the situation might have changed in-between. Moreover, to develop a program, exact information of the situation is needed to find the specific solutions to tackle the main barriers. It is recommended a market analysis at the beginning of program involving market transformation activities, to ensure integration of all the important market stakeholders and address the country specific, real existing barriers of the market. This market study should be used as a baseline to compare the former situation with the market at the end of the program.

Management Response: [Added: 2017/10/16]

Agreed. Prodoc development in the context of a GEF funded project can take up to 18 months, and taking into consideration that implementation might add additional months to this, it is necessary to have updated information.

In the case of the follow-up project, a market analysis was performed not long before the start of project implementation, thus addressing specific and current country contexts that then informed the implementation strategy.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Market analysis performed to give specific, current information that can then be used to design project implementation strategy.
[Added: 2017/10/16]
UNDP and Conuee 2017/09 Completed Market analysis part of new ProDoc

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