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Project Terminal Evaluation -Sustainable Management of the MBE River forested watershed through the development of a payments for ecosystem services(PES) mecanisms
Commissioning Unit: Gabon
Evaluation Plan: 2012-2017
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2017
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Gabon
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

1. Project design / Coherence of the project document: Ensure coherence of the project document following revisions, namely strategic ones involving significant changes in project outcomes, to ensure expected results, described activities, benefits at global, national and local levels, and indicators are coherent and remain relevant to the project’s intervention


2. Project design / Translation of the project document: It is crucial to invest adequate resources to allow the recruitment of qualified translators able to guarantee a high-quality technical translation, and to have the translation validated by a technical expert familiar with the project's field of activity, as well as to have the translated version signed to authenticate its validity as a reference document just like the English version. Poor translations are misleading and can potentially lead to erroneous understanding of the project purpose, inadequate planning, ineffective interventions and inefficient use of resources.


3.Implementation Quality assurance role: Even under the NIM implementation modalities, UNDP at country and regional levels must ensure that project implementation arrangements and expenditures comply with UNDP rules and that funds are used for agreed purposes.


4. Capacity for results-based management:. It is recommended that UNDP, at the national and regional levels, ensures that Project Managers are able to implement results-based management, through requiring previous experience as part of the TORs or at least, by requiring project staff in charge of coordinating the project to attend targeted trainings in the first months of the project implementation, and providing continuous support as needed during implementation.


5. Monitoring and evaluation: M&E /Evaluations and audits: It is recommended that UNDP organizes annual project audits and reviews/evaluations in accordance with the initial M&E plan in the ProDoc. The objectives of a mid-term review include assessing the project's degree of achievement, and making recommendations to improve the project's performance and its chances of achieving the agreed results during the remaining period. Among other aspects, this review would have examined and made recommendations to improve the management arrangements, the implementation strategy, the monitoring and evaluation system, and the risk factors that may affect the sustainability of the results. The recommendations would certainly have addressed many of the issues raised in this evaluation and their implementation would have improved the overall performance of the project.


6.Actions to mitigate potential negative impacts due to the project implementation : It is recommended that UNDP, Government and WCS representatives undertake a short mission within the villages along the road in the Mbé watershed to communicate with local community members whose participation was sought during project implementation, to thank them for their involvement and interest, to inform them of the project closure and that the results showed that their agricultural activities had a limited impact on the hydrological services in the watershed, and to clarify that no financial mechanism was set-up through the project and that they have not been left out of it.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/18] [Last Updated: 2018/12/18]

Actions taken by Management in response to the Terminal Evaluation Recommendations

By Management

1. Project design / Coherence of the project document: The CO management has taken note and communicated during internal meeting that

for future projects; changes in design , indicators, activities, budget allocations and /or results will be recorded in the steering committee meeting minutes and  communicated to the RTA for approval and update in Atlas ( and where necessary).

Celestin Tsassa

2.Project design / Translation of the project document: The CO Management has taken note for future project to ensure a deeper reading proof of all project documents and will seek support of RTAs for better results.

Celestin Tsassa

3. Implementation Quality assurance role: Gabon CO has suffered from the lack of an EFP in the office. The plan is now to recruit a Specialist and Programme Manager that will be in charge of the environment portfolio.

Celestin Tsassa

4. Capacity for results-based management:. The Co will ensure that proper plan of capacity building will be prepared and implemented to increase efficiency and delivery of results based management. Further staff will be recruited for future projects within the environment portfolio to accompany technically and administratively national partners and project management unit during implementation.

Celestin Tsassa

5. Monitoring and evaluation: M&E /Evaluations and audits: The management has taken already internal measures to conduct compulsory mid term and terminal evaluation for all projects and programmes that will be implemented. Recommendations  and learned lessons will be used to improve implementation mecanisms, results and expected results for remaining activities of projects and programmmes.

Celestin Tsassa

6.Actions to mitigate potential negative impacts due to the project implementation : UNDP CO has planned to scale up the MBE RIver results and further dialogues will be engaged withnational partners and stakeholders during design , formulation and implementation of similar initiatives in the beneficiary communities.

Celestin Tsassa

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