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Sustainable Economic Development through Renewable Energy Applications (SEDREA) Project
Commissioning Unit: Fiji
Evaluation Plan: 2013-2017
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2014
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Fiji
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: Issue (Sub-chapter 3.1.2 - Component 2): By the time of the terminal evaluation, 18 systems, out of the 30 on-grid systems procured, had been installed and 12 allocated, pending installations. This was major progress since the time of the MTR in 2011 when only 2 on-grid and 1 off-grid applications were processed. Of the 35 off-grid systems, one has been installed as demonstration unit at the NDBP premises, 20 have been earmarked for installation in the south-west islands, and the remaining 14 will be used as part of the rehabilitation of homes in the cyclone ravaged island of Kayangel . This latter strategy will also assist in enhancing the more direct social benefits of renewable energy for development, especially in responding to natural disasters.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/12/17]

Management Response: While UNDP and the PEO initially supported this suggestion, the National Energy Committee (NEC) at its meeting on 15th May 2014 decided against this. The NEC advised that maintenance works by PPUC on Kayangel Island was almost complete and given that power services would be restored within 2014, there would be no need for off-grid systems. The NEC agreed that the need for off-grid systems as well as the ability to maintain/sustain their use are much higher in the Rock Island as it is an economic incentive for its ongoing small-scale tourism business.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1. PEO and UNDP to include corresponding activities in the 2014 Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2. PEO to submit a plan to allocate 14 off-grid systems in the Rock Island. 3. PEO to distribute 14 off-grid systems in the Rock Island.
[Added: 2014/12/17]
PEO & UNDP; PEO; PEO 2014/10 Completed Action 1 completed; Action 2 & 3 to be initiated by PEO
2. Recommendation: Evaluation Recommendation (Chapter 4): The terms of reference of the Steering Committee, a role supposedly taken up by NEC, should have been well developed, in consultation with all stakeholders, and firm communication lines established between the PEO and NEC. It is the PEO?s responsibility that the NEC is kept regularly informed of the status of all activities (i.e. between committee meetings, not only shortly before meetings) and should ask that all decisions are explicit and clearly recorded in meeting minutes. Where there is no clear decision, this should be noted. The NEC should approve national work plans and budgets. The NEC?s meeting schedules should be approved and adhered to. The UNDP should be included in all NEC meetings and participate via Skype. The important aspect is communication between members and regular updates through electronic means. Often discussions on SEDREA were a minor item on an otherwise intense agenda for the NEC and the discussions did not do justice to the project. There was probably a need to organize separate targeted meetings to discuss SEDREA. The NEC should have played an active and prominent role in the design, implementation and monitoring of the project?s progress. This role should have been reinforced by UNDP at every opportunity and endorsed by all stakeholders at the inception meeting. Given that the project was supporting an Energy Planner, UNDP should have ensured that the incumbent is involved full time on the project and participation in any tangential activities is an exception rather than the norm. Moreover, UNDP should have a roster of experts to draw upon to assist the national execution in cases of difficulties, in situations where it is not able to provide this from within its technical staff, as seemed to have been the case for this project.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/12/17]

Management Response: While the NEC acknowledges the assessment of the independent evaluator, the NEC would like to state that it is not yet mandated by any Executive Order to fulfil any of the functions suggested by the evaluator. The NEC wishes to note that the NEC was formed as a result of an informal arrangement to provide oversight to Palau's energy sector. Forward looking, upon establishment of the Palau Energy Act the PEO would effectively carry out its functions as Energy Administrator with mandated support of the NEC.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1. Establishment of Palau Energy Act 2. Official mandate to NEC through an Executive Order 3. Official mandate to PEO as Energy Administrator for Palau
[Added: 2014/12/17] [Last Updated: 2017/09/10]
Government of Palau 2015/12 Completed The Palau Energy Act was finalised and signed on 5 February 2017. The NEC is no longer a committee and has been replace by the Palau National Energy Committee (PNEC) through Executive Order 403, signed on 10 Aug 2017. History
3. Recommendation: Evaluation Recommendation (Chapter 4): In relation to the off-grid installations, there are 2 options: (i) UNDP enters into an agreement with EU North Rep project to complete this activity. The North Rep is working with SEDREA in a number of areas and is already doing activities on these islands. It makes sense to expand the scope by combining these additional tasks. (ii) Work with the SIDS Dock - PIGGAREP + project and utilize the equipment for the proposed solar PV desalination systems on Kayangel.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/12/17]

Management Response: The PEO, UNDP and SPC North-REP is finalizing a working arrangement to pursue the first option. The activities are included in the 2014 AWP, which has been endorsed. A standard Letter of Agreement (LoA) was drafted, discussed extensively and endorsed by the PEO. The LoA is yet to be endorsed by UNDP and SPC North-REP.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1. Endorse the LoA 2. Commence/complete/ monitor off-grid installations
[Added: 2014/12/17] [Last Updated: 2017/09/10]
1. UNDP & SPC North Rep; 2. PEO & North REP 2014/10 No Longer Applicable [Justification: Key action point 2 regarding LOA between UNDP, former PEO and SPC North-REP is no longer valid. This was recognized in mid-2016 when we were discussing the completion of remaining activities and hence engaged Rogelio as consultant for the task. Details as described in the attached document entitled ‘updated SEDREA completion task status & way forward’ - With the project closure of North-REP last December 31, 2015, the SHS deliveries to outer islands cannot be realized because the budget for logistics and installation costs that were supposed to be shouldered by North-REP are no longer available.]
Under review by UNDP and SPC management History

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