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Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity on the South African Wild Coast
Commissioning Unit: South Africa
Evaluation Plan: 2013-2020
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 05/2014
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: South Africa
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: Inadequate participation of representative community forums at project closure
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20] [Last Updated: 2015/04/20]

Support a facilitator for a minimum 2 years to further support advancement of co-management arrangements

Key Actions:

2. Recommendation: Lack of quantifiable results to demonstrate the benefit protected area management under communal and participatory arrangements to support key stakeholders
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20]

Compile results of improved management effectiveness under communal co-management

Key Actions:

3. Recommendation: Inadequacy awareness by the targeted communities on local economic development opportunities sponsored by district and local municipalities
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20]

Organise a joint workshop on local economic development

Key Actions:

4. Recommendation: Inadequate dissemination of project results and lessons learned on co-management and environmental education approaches
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20]

Organise a joint workshop on co-management policies and experiences

Key Actions:

5. Recommendation: Lack of skills in biodiversity monitoring and conservation management of protected areas
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20]

Train local community members in biodiversity management

Key Actions:

6. Recommendation: Lack of common objectives between conservation agencies and local communities on conservation and management of biodiversity
Management Response: [Added: 2015/04/20]

Facilitate arrangement to reconcile conservation objectives with live hoods needs and traditions among local communities

Key Actions:

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