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Terminal Evaluation of the UNDP Support to Health Sector in Limpopo Programme: Phase III
Commissioning Unit: South Africa
Evaluation Plan: 2013-2020
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2016
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: South Africa
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

There is a need to re-establish a Programme Steering Committee with very clear terms of reference. The terms of reference should deal with challenges that have been identified such as composition of the committee, quorums, decision making by members and feedback mechanisms and frequency of meetings.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/04/19] [Last Updated: 2016/04/19]

Yes, the Department of Health endorsed the resuscitation of the Programme Steering Committee to provide oversight for programme implementation

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
ToR for the Steering Committee to be developed and endorsed by the Committee
[Added: 2016/04/19] [Last Updated: 2016/10/26]
UNDP Project Coordinator, and Department of Health Focal Point 2016/04 Completed The final ToR to be shared with members of the Project Steering Committee in April 2016to be endorsed at the next PSC seating History
2. Recommendation:

The three stakeholders, UNDP/UNV Office, UNV Bonn and DOH and PMU should explore writing up a recruitment process that specifies roles and responsibilities and related time frames for the deliverables. This will go a long way to managing the different expectations of all involved and lay the foundation to expedite the recruitment and placement processes. Furthermore, the introduction and acceptance of doctors showing direct interest in the programme needs to be clarified. Those who have applied, it is important that their applications should be followed up by UNV Bonn.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/04/19] [Last Updated: 2016/04/20]

A clear recruitment process with roles and responsibilities already exist within policies of responsible stakeholders but need to be clearly documented.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
PMU to write/document the recruitment process and also make follow ups with applicants and responsible professional councils.
[Added: 2016/04/20] [Last Updated: 2016/10/26]
PMU, the document process to be endorse by the PSC 2016/06 Completed The recruitment process has been outlined. History
3. Recommendation:

The Department od Health should revive the annual meeting/workshop with all UNVs. This plays a crucial role in knowledge and information sharing and serves as a support mechanism for UNVs.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/04/20]

Yes, the Department endorsed the annual events with all UNV doctors

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
PMU in consultation with the Department of Health (DOH) will organise annual events for information sharing and learning
[Added: 2016/04/20]
PMU. DOH No due date Initiated Annual events will be continuously organised on annual basis History
4. Recommendation:

Robust induction and awareness-raising about the programme among hospital management and personnel is required. The induction should expose all stakeholders to the programme in its entirety. In addition, there must be a one-on-one session with hospital management not only to prepare them for the arrival of new UNVs but also for the hospital to share their limitations in terms of logistics, infrastructure and medical equipment.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/04/20] [Last Updated: 2016/04/20]

The Human Resource Development Unit in the Department has an induction programme for newly appointed staff, UNVs will also go through this induction programme and any other training programmes organised by the Department.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
UNVs like any newly recruited staff will go through the induction programme of DOH
[Added: 2016/04/20]
DOH No due date Initiated The induction will be done regularly as and when new recruitment is done.
5. Recommendation:

One of the critical aspects of sustainability is transfer of knowledge and skills from UNVs to locals and vice versa. Mentoring is a critical vehicle to ensure that this take places, and thus it should be more carefully structured. Different models of mentoring should be explored, including one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, and cross-hospital mentorship (staff of different hospitals mentored together.

Management Response: [Added: 2016/04/20]

The Department will issue a Circular regarding the training of all staff, including UNV doctors.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
DOH to circulate the training Circular to all staff including UNVs
[Added: 2016/04/20]
The Human Resource Development Unit in the Department, PMU to ensure that the circular is received by all UNVs. No due date Initiated Circulars are published on regular basis and sharing with UNV doctors will be an ongoing process History

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