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Access to Justice and Rule of Law Project mid-term evaluation
Commissioning Unit: South Sudan
Evaluation Plan: 2012-2016
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 10/2015
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: South Sudan
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: To allow local needs and priorities to play a role in the formulation and implementation of AWPs, the project should leave proper room and time to allow the RoLOs and LEAs to consult with their counterparts and provide input to the AWPs. UNDP could equally influence the top level leadership of the RoL institutions to consider introducing flexible and consultative approaches to capture their own institutions? needs at the local levels.
Management Response: [Added: 2016/01/13]

AGREE. UNDP has promoted inclusive consultations in its planning processes and will continue to do so. UNDP agrees with the value of extending these consultations down to the local level for both staff and government partners. In the development of the 2016-2017 Country Programme Document (CPD), UNDP South Sudan held extensive consultations with government partners and will review the outcome with all staff at the annual staff retreat.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1. AWPs and strategic planning documents to be shared with all project staff for inputs, internal consultations, and deliberations with local government partners.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
Project manager 2016/12 Completed Project team engaging with donors and all stakeholders prior to finalizing AWPs History
Project management to involve all project staff in annual work plan and project strategy development sessions.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
Project Manager 2016/12 Completed Project staff included in AWP development and also design of the project document. Staff were brought from all the states to participate in the development of the pro-doc History
Project Board to be updated on strategic planning processes and consulted in advance of Project Board meetings to provide thorough feedback from partner institutions.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/09/02]
Project Mgr 2016/07 Completed Project Board was updated on 29 March of Strategic Planning process for next phase. First draft is being developed and will be shared with partners (govt, donors, civil society) separately for feedback History
2. Recommendation: The project team should develop a ToC to provide a clear results chain to all stakeholders. Such a ToC should answer the question of how the activities contribute to outputs and outcomes in each project area and how different project areas contribute to the short-, intermediate- and long-term results of the overall project.
Management Response: [Added: 2016/01/13]

AGREE. Due to the political situation at the time the initial project document was developed, and the short-term, emergency nature of funding mechanisms available from many donors, the current project document does not include a detailed theory of change with a clear results change. The ToC statement is under development since the implementation of the Peace Agreement has begun; the result chain is detailed in the Results and Resources Framework.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
UNDP South Sudan to ensure there is a clearly articulated theory of change in the project document for the next project cycle.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
project Manager, Chief Technical Advisor 2016/12 Completed The project has developed a theory of change for the new project cycle History
The project to ensure M&E findings are referenced in all planning exercises.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
Unit Team Leader and project manager 2016/12 Completed M&E findings have informed programming on an ongoing basis. History
3. Recommendation: 3. To improve project monitoring and reporting and highlight project successes, the project should consider recruiting an M&E or a reporting/communication specialist on the premise that this will not duplicate the work of the Project Specialist. Such a specialist should undertake the responsibilities of devising a communication strategy for the project. Following a result-based reporting structure, the period reports should highlight how the activities and outputs in each project area contribute to the outcomes of the justice sector chain. In addition, challenges and lessons learned in implementation should be captured and followed up on in a timely fashion. The actions taken to resolve these challenges should be well documented.
Management Response: [Added: 2016/01/13]

AGREED. The project will recruit an M&E and Reporting Officer to ensure a robust M&E system is in place, which captures project achievements at the output and outcome level, and lessons learned from project implementation. These findings will be used to inform the continuation of programming, quarterly and annual programme reviews, and strategic planning processes.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
The project to recruit an M&E and Reporting Officer.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
Unit Team leader, project manager 2016/12 Completed Following failure to get qualified national officer M&E staff, the project has increasingly made use CO M&E staffs, and is due to get a M&E specialist on TDY from Jan 2017. History
The project to ensure a robust M&E plan is developed and maintained to track implementation, challenges and lessons learned.
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/06/06]
Unit Team leader,project manager 2016/06 Completed M&E plan developed as part of the annual work planning process History
The project to ensure M&E findings are referenced in all planning exercises
[Added: 2016/01/13] [Last Updated: 2016/12/31]
Unit team leader and project manager 2016/12 Completed M&E findings utilized on an ongoing basis History

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