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Final project evaluation of UNDP/GEF Promoting Technology Transfer and Market Development for Small Hydropower in Tajikistan
Commissioning Unit: Tajikistan
Evaluation Plan: 2016-2020
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 02/2018
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Tajikistan
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

1. Install meters of electricity supplied from the SHP plants

Electricity generated at the SHP plants is metered at electricity meters integrated in control panels. However, part of the electricity generated is used for frequency control through heating of water in ballast water tanks. The Project should install electricity meters at SHP plants outlets to meter net electricity supplied to customers for both, future monitoring and verification of metered electricity consumption for billing.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2021/01/12]

Considering that the project has ended the official owners of the SHPPs are informed that the SHP plants need to be equipped with electricity meters.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Make agreement with the SHPP owners to supply the SHPPs with electricity meters
[Added: 2018/06/06]
PM 2018/06 Completed Whenever SHPP is operational, the owners are informed and agreement is reached
Purchasing and installation of the electricity meters in all 4 SHPPs
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2018/11/22]
SHPP owners 2018/11 Completed Electric meters are installed in 3 out of 4 SHPPs History
After the installation of the meters, the SHPPs operators need to control and fix the amount of transmitted electricity for proper financial planning
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2019/05/02]
SHPP owners 2019/03 Completed the task with installation of electric meters is completed History
2. Recommendation:

  2. Elimination of soil erosion at SHP in Pinyon

The soil at the water inlet and outlet from the SHP plant at Pinyon was flushed with water flow and threatened foundations of the SHP facility construction. The eroded parts should be covered with soil, and the SHP construction fixed to eliminate further erosion in the future

Management Response: [Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2021/01/12]

The recommendation is relevant and has been addressed accordingly.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Conduct financial assessment of the additional works to be performed to comply with the recommendation
[Added: 2018/06/06]
PM; Contractor; UNDP CO engineer 2018/03 Completed List of additional works identified and submitted;
Eliminating the soil erosion in Pinyon SHPP and perform additional works preventing the erosion in the future according to the findings of the assessment
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2018/11/22]
PM; Contractor; UNPD CO Engineer 2018/09 Completed The water channels zones with high risk of flush flooding and soil erosion are covered with concrete plates, and additional works are completed; History
Submit full report on completed works, including evidence
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2020/10/05]
Contractor 2019/12 Completed action completed History
3. Recommendation:

3. Publish project information and documents on-line

The Project has developed, published and disseminated lots of valuable information, documents and publications to local stakeholders. However, these documents are not easily accessible on-line. The Project is encouraged to publish all available relevant project deliverables on-line, either at own UNDP web site, or at web sites of local stakeholders, so that this information would be easily accessible even after Project termination. The information may contain Lesson learned report, updated RE legislation and regulations, project presentations and presentations from the 2016 International Conference, SHP plant fact sheets, List of shortlisted feasible SHP sites from the National SHP Program, etc.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2021/01/12]

The recommendation is relevant and to be adhered to

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
The project team compiles all the materials (photos and videos) and publications developed within the project framework and publishes them on the UNDP and its partners’ websites.
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2018/11/22]
PM, UNDP Communications Analyst 2018/12 Completed All materials and publications developed in the framework of the project have been spread out History
4. Recommendation:

4. Continuity in RE support

The project team and the Project Manager have developed significant experience in developing enabling framework for SHP and renewable energy in Tajikistan. UNDP is encouraged to integrate into its potential future renewable energy projects in Tajikistan activities that would support effective implementation of the developed SHP/RE framework also in the future, including RE policy dialogue with the MEWR, support to funding mobilization, and putting the Trust Fund into operation

Management Response: [Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2021/01/12]

Continuity in RE support is provided by the continued cooperation and coordination with the MEWR to support the implementation of the national targets on RE development. This also included the development and submission of a project proposal to GEF for funding the Green Energy SMEs Development project

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Coordinate with the stakeholders and national partners the measures to ensure continuity in RE support
[Added: 2018/06/06]
PM, UNDP Portfolio Manager 2018/03 Completed While this recommendation was provided during the TE period in 2017, the project team had already held consultations with partners and national stakeholders to define the areas of supporting the RE support.
Based on the findings from the consultations, develop decent project proposal and aim towards raising funds for the continuity in RE support
[Added: 2018/06/06]
PM; UNDP Portfolio Manager; IRH 2018/04 Completed The project developed and approved by the donor – GEF
Support the development of new legislations and assist in implementation of the existing laws and sub-laws. Special stress needs to be put to establishing the National Trust Fund for RE and EE, which is fixed in the law on “EE and ES”.
[Added: 2018/06/06] [Last Updated: 2020/10/05]
PM; UNDP CO 2020/06 Completed completed History

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