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Support to ZIMSTATS End of Project Evaluation
Commissioning Unit: Zimbabwe
Evaluation Plan: 2016-2021
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 01/2018
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Zimbabwe
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

This project evaluation was poorly done by the hired consultant and CO raised isseus on the quality of the report that was produced by the consultant which was of very poor standard which lackeed indepth data analysis and evidence to substantiate the findings in the report that the consultant put together. Furthermore, the report did not meet the requirements of the TORs that were given to the consultant to guide the scope of his assignment.

Due to the sub-standard report the CO has withheld part of his payment awaiting for him to resolve the issues that are pending since end of 2017.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/03/29] [Last Updated: 2021/01/14]

In view of the poor quality report the management response could not therefore be developed.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
It is recommended that UN and development partners consider: a) Establishment of a Multi Donor Statistical Development Fund to support the development of statistics in the country. b)Assessing the economic viability of statistical development projects as part of project appraisal.
[Added: 2019/04/15]
ZIMSTATS 2017/10 Completed A multi-donor statistical fund is dependent on the priorities of donors and the availability of funding. UNDP has continued to support statistics on a ‘per product’ basis, without a fully fledged project. This has been quite successful and demonstrated in the support for the recently completed Poverty Income Consumption and Expenditure Survey (PICES)
It is recommended that UN and Development partners consider: a) Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the Statistical Working Group in Zimbabwe as currently designed, with a view to consolidate partner participation in the financing of statistical development activities.
[Added: 2019/04/15]
ZIMSTATS 2017/12 Completed The Data for Development group continues to operate very successfully with participation of both Government and the UN.
It is recommended that ZIMSTAT should consider updating the website and improving its speed. It should also be updated to record user frequency.
[Added: 2019/04/15]
ZIMSTATS 2017/12 Completed For Zimstat. This is currently being discussed between Zimstat and a potential funding partner.

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