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Mid-term Evaluation of Resilience for Food Security in Nigeria
Commissioning Unit: Nigeria
Evaluation Plan: 2018-2022
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2021
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Nigeria
Documents Related to overall Management Response:  
1. Recommendation:

Mandatory indicator 1 &3 should be merged to produce one encompassing indicator to avoid redundancy and confusing. The two indicators are technically measuring the same result, the same target, on the same activities. The New Indicator 1 is recommended to be: Number of additional smallholder farmers practicing climate resilient sustainable agriculture and benefiting from strengthened livelihood solution for management of natural resources, ecosystems service, chemical, waste and with increased access to food and improved nutrition disaggregated by sex

Management Response: [Added: 2021/12/13]

Indicators cannot be changed mid-way; however, the project assurance team would work with the PMU to ensure that the results of both indicators are expressly specified in the remaining period implementation and captured in the final project implementation report at the end of the project.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Follow up with the PMU to ensure results are captured properly in the reporting templates
[Added: 2021/12/13]
UNDP CO 2021/07 Completed The project assurance team worked with the PMU and ensured that the results of both indicators were expressly specified in the remaining period implementation
2. Recommendation:

Hectares in indicator 7 are over ambitious and exaggerated (100,000ha at midterm, 385,000ha at project end). They should be reviewed. The project is working with only 42,000 direct beneficiaries and according to the latest findings by FAO and World Bank of 2018, the average size of smallholder farmers in Nigeria is 0.58 ha. The New Indicator 7 is recommended to be: “79,800ha number of hectares of land under gender-sensitive integrated sustainable land and water management and climate smart agricultural practices, managed by both men and women”

Management Response: [Added: 2021/12/13]

The CO agrees with this. However, the PMU and the participating states would be pushed to reach 150,000ha by project end.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Work with the PMU and State ADPs in achieving the set targets
[Added: 2021/12/13] [Last Updated: 2021/12/14]
UNDP/PMU 2021/10 Completed PMU and the participating states reached the set target of 150,000ha by project end History
Advocacy to States to be carried out to discuss the land issue at the highest level
[Added: 2021/12/13] [Last Updated: 2021/12/14]
UNDP/FMA&RD/PMU 2021/10 Completed Seven states were reached by UNDP/FMA&RD/PMU advocating sustainable agriculture and SLM practices for improved food security History

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