Evaluation Plan of 2015-2019
Plan Detail (2015-2019)
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Sierra Leone
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The Evaluation plan for this programme period is the outcome of an inclusive and consultative process involving all Government, Civil Society, and resident Development partners especially the World Bank, African Development Bank, EU and DFID. It is also informed by UNDP?s intra-agency expertise in the Headquarters and the Regional Bureau of Africa. This plan addresses broader development issues covering all work areas of the Country Office. Nonetheless, the existing EVD crisis requires some degree of flexibility be exercised during this programme period to ensure all planned evaluations remain relevant to national needs and priorities of the country in the first two years.
Plan Document:
ToR for Evaluation of Early warning project.pdf

Evaluations Commissioned by Sierra Leone

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Rule of Law and Access to Justice Programme Evaluation Project Jun 2019 Sep 2019 Judiciary, Ministry of Justice $40,000 Completed View
2. Terminal Evaluation of a "Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning System Project in Sierra Leone" Project Nov 2018 Mar 2019 UNDP, Office of National Security, Environment Protection Agency-SL, Ministry of Water Resources $32,957 Completed View
3. Building Adaptive Capacity to Catalyze Active Public and Private Sector Participation to manage the Exposure and Sensitivity of Water Supply Services to Climate Change Project Nov 2018 Dec 2018 GOSL, Ministry of Water Resources, SALWACO, Local Councils, UNDP, $12,040 Completed View
4. End of Programme Evaluation of the Youth Employment and Empowerment Progamme (YEEP) Sierra Leone (NO: SLE/IC/2018/115 Project Dec 2018 Dec 2018 GoSL, NEYCOM, MOYA, UNDP $20,035 Completed View
5. Energy Efficient Production and Utilization of Charcoal through Innovative Technologies and Private sector involvement in Sierra Leone Project Jan 2019 Nov 2018 UNDP, Ministry of Energy $34,836 Completed View
6. Conflict Prevention and Peace Preservation Project in Sierra Leone Project Dec 2017 Nov 2018 Ministry of Internal Affairs; Office of National Security; National Commission for Democracy; West Africa Network for Peace; Advocate Plus; Serve Sierra Leone; Democracy and Developments Associates; Political Parties Registration Commission; University of Makeni; Hope Sierra Leone $35,000 Completed View
7. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Conflict Prevention and Mitigation during the Electoral Cycle in Sierra Leone Project Project Jun 2018 Sep 2018 -- $32,000 Completed View
8. Evaluation of the Support to Media Development Project Project Mar 2018 Jun 2018 MRCG, SLAJ, USL $12,000 Completed View
10. Support to Boundary Delimitation Project (SBDP) Project
  • Joint with Donors
  • Joint with Irish Aid, NEC
Nov 2017 Nov 2017 GOSL, ONS, UNDP $55,000 Completed View
11. The Social Rehabilitation and Payment to EVD Survivors project Project Jul 2017 Jul 2017 EVD Survivors $15,000 Completed View
12. Reintegration of Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) Volunteers Burial Teams Project Jul 2017 Jul 2017 GOSL, UNDP, $25,000 Completed View
13. Terminal Evaluation of the Local Governance and Economic Development (LGED) Joint Project Project
  • Joint with GoSL
Jul 2017 Jul 2017 GoSL, UNDP, UNCDF $10,000 Completed View
14. Evaluation of Support to Sierra Leone Constitutional Review Project Project
  • Joint with GoSL, Donors
May 2017 Jul 2017 CRC, DfID $40,000 Completed View
15. Evaluation of the Security Sector Programme in Sierra Leone Project Jun 2016 Jul 2016 SLP, ONS, MDTF, PBF $25,000 Completed View

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Planned End Date Status Completed Date Mgmt. Response
1. Independent Country Programme Evaluation: Sierra Leone ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office Dec 2018 Completed Dec 2018 View

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