Evaluation Plan of 2017-2021
Plan Detail (2017-2021)
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This evaluation plan will be implemented from 2017 to 2021.
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Evaluations Commissioned by Peru

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Resilience Transforming the Management of Protected Areas/ Landscape Project to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems Project Dec 2018 Dec 2018 SERNANP $30,000 Completed View
2. EVALUACIÓN FINAL DEL PROYECTO FORTALECIMIENTO DEL PROCESO DE DESCENTRALIZACIÓN Y MODERNIZACIÓN DEL ESTADO Project Dec 2018 Oct 2018 Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros-Secretaría de Desacentralización $8,500 Completed View

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