Evaluation Plan of 2017-2021
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The 2017-2021 Evaluation Plan was prepared as part of the new 2017-2021 Country Programme Document and approved by the UNDP Executive Board in September 2016. Monitoring and Evaluation will be carried out in line with the MSDF results matrix. The Evaluation Plan covers all mandatory evaluations, all required project evaluations and any other evaluation of strategic importance. Where applicable and feasible, the lessons learnt from evaluations will be incorporated into ongoing or new projects and programmatic actions. it is noteworthy to mention that the evaluation plan is not a static document and may require adjustment as circumstances change. Adjustments to individual evaluations and the evaluation plan will be considered annually as part of the programme unit’s stocktaking exercise. Programme units should discuss possible changes with regional focal points prior to making and requesting adjustments to plans through the Evaluation Resource Centre. Changes, particularly deletions, to individual project evaluations should be discussed, agreed and noted in minutes with project management boards or their equivalents such as a steering committee.
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