Evaluation Plan of 2021-2025
Plan Detail (2021-2025)
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Evaluations Commissioned by Uzbekistan

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Final evaluation: Joint Programme Title: “Building the Resilience of Local Communities Against Health, Environmental and Economic Insecurities in the Aral Sea Region” Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UNDP, UNFPA
Jul 2022 Aug 2022 UNDP , UNFPA, MEI $18,000 Completed
2. Final evaluation: PBF Joint Programme: Youth for Social Harmony in the Fergana Valley Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UNODC, UNESCO
Jul 2022 Aug 2022 UNODC, UNESCO, Youth Union, Presidential Administration, Institute for Strategic and Inter-Regional Studies, and line ministries for each output. $80,000 Completed View
3. Final evaluation: Joint Programme Accelerating Agenda 2030 in Uzbekistan through inclusive transformation of the social protection system Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UNDP, UNICEF, ILO
Mar 2022 Mar 2022 UNICEF, ILO, DPOs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Justice, regional khokimiyats, Association of DPOs, Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, NANNOUZ $93,555 Completed View
4. Final evalutiaon_Developing Climate Resilience of Farming Communities in the Drought Prone Parts of Uzbekistan (Adaptation Fund) Project Nov 2021 Nov 2021 National partners $25,000 Completed View
5. Final Evaluation: Rule of Law Partnership project Project Dec 2021 Nov 2021 -- $30,000 Completed View
6. Final evaluation: Enhancing the adaptation and strengthening the resilience of farming to Climate Change Risks in Fergana Valley Project Oct 2021 Oct 2021 CCI, UNDP, RTF $25,000 Completed View
7. Final evaluation: Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan: Component 2 on Technical Capacity Building (EU Water) Project Apr 2021 Apr 2021 National partners $20,000 Completed View
8. Final evaluation: Promoting Youth Employment in Uzbekistan Project Oct 2022 MELR, UNDP, RFT $30,000 Planned
9. Final evaluation: Aid for Trade in Uzbekistan project Project Dec 2022 MIFT, UNDP, RTF $25,000 Planned
10. Final Independent evaluation: Development of sector-driven National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to advance medium and long-term climate change adaptation planning in Uzbekistan Project Oct 2023 Uzhydromet, GCF, UNDP $50,000 Planned
11. Final Evaluation of the Joint Programme “Establishment of an Integrated National Financing Framework for Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan” Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with WHO, UNDP, UNODC
Oct 2022 -- $15,000 Planned
12. Mid-term evaluation: Improved Public Service Delivery and Enhanced Governance in Rural Uzbekistan project Project Mar 2023 -- $50,000 Planned
13. Final Evaluation: Preventing corruption through effective, accountable and transparent governance institutions in Uzbekistan project Project Dec 2022 ACPIS, IRH Governance team, Ministry of Justice $50,000 Planned
14. Final Evaluation: Supporting health sector reform through effective, resilient and inclusive governance systems project Project Nov 2025 MoH, Agency for sanitary and epidemiological well-being and other relevant organizations $20,000 Planned
15. Final evaluation: Sustainable natural resource use and forest management in key mountainous areas important for globally significant biodiversity Project Sep 2022 State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, GEF, UNDP $45,000 Planned
16. Final evaluation: Market Transformation for Sustainable Rural Housing in Uzbekistan Project Oct 2022 Ministry of Construction, GEF, UNDP $40,000 Planned
17. Final evaluation: Complete HCFC Phase-out through Promotion of of Zero ODS Low GWP Energy Efficient Technologies Project Feb 2024 State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, GEF, UNDP $33,000 Planned

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