Evaluation Plan of 2021-2025
Plan Detail (2021-2025)
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This is UNDP Uganda Evaluation Plan covering 2021-2025). There are 11 evaluations scheduled for the CPD cycle 2021-2025, 9 mandatory evaluations as per donor (GEF, South Korea, GCF, EU, Sweden, Norway/Ireland/ COMESA) requirement and 2 will be directly implemented by UNDP to contribute to learning and enhance programming. The country office will conduct one CPD 2021-2025 Mid-term Evaluation covering all the four outcome areas of the CPD. The terminal evaluation of the CPD 2021-2025 will be covered under the Independent Country Programme Evaluation (ICPE) in 2025. The UNSDCF Mid-term evaluation will be conducted covering all 5 outcome areas including the 4 UNDP outcome areas of focus. This country programme 2021-2025 will contribute to three interlinked and mutually reinforcing development results: transformational and inclusive governance; inclusive and sustainable growth; and sustainable management of natural resources and resilient development. This programme is aligned to NDPIII, the Cooperation Framework 2021-2025, the UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021, and other relevant Goals.
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Evaluation Plan-UNDP Uganda-2021-2025-1.docx

Evaluations Commissioned by Uganda

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Mid-Term Evaluation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action for Improved Waste Management and Biogas Production in Uganda Project Project Jan 2022 Jul 2022 Ministry of Water and Environment, ministries, departments and agencies $35,000 Completed View
2. Mid-Term Evaluation of Host and Refugee Community Empowerment Project Project Jan 2022 Jun 2022 Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) $40,000 Completed View
3. Terminal Evaluation of Rio Conventions Project Project Jan 2022 Dec 2021 Ministry of Water and Environment, ministries, departments and agencies $70,000 Completed View

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Planned End Date Status Completed Date Mgmt. Response
1. Mid-term evaluation of the Development Initiative in Northern Uganda (DINU) programme Project UNCDF Jun 2021 Completed Jul 2022 View
2. Leaving No One Behind in the Digital Era Project UNCDF Jun 2025 Planned --