Evaluation Plan of 2022-2026
Plan Detail (2022-2026)
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The Costed Evaluation Plan for UNDP Mozambique’s Programme Cycle 2022-2026 has been prepared according to the UNDP Evaluation Guidelines and reflects all outcomes of the Country Programme Document, 2022-26. The plan ensures a comprehensive, systematic, balanced, realistic and achievable approach to the evaluation process that covers all strategic areas and components of the programme. The proposed evaluations will provide high quality data, information and evidence to analyse progress, support continuous learning, and inform decision-making, policy advice and advocacy activities. Evaluations will support the identification gaps in the achievement of targets and provide information for timely course corrections, enhancing effectiveness and ensuring that strategic results are achieved and are sustainable. The Evaluation Plan includes mandatory mid-term and final evaluations for GEF-funded projects as well as evaluations for other development projects according to the mandatory thresholds for project evaluations and/or the cost-sharing agreements with partners. Evaluations will enhance communication efforts with Government, partners, target groups and beneficiaries at all levels and the media, ensure that the learning process improves knowledge, and identifies best practices and lessons learned, and will strengthen UNDP’s transparency and accountability for results and resources. The CO is committed to conduct an annual review of the plan and will redefine and adjust it as needed.
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Moz CPD Costed Evaluation Costed 2022-2026.pdf

Evaluations Commissioned by Mozambique

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