Evaluation Plan of 2022-2026
Plan Detail (2022-2026)
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UNDP Belize Evaluation Plan provides the basis for the systematic and impartial review of the effectiveness of the CO’s programmatic offer. The CO employs a mix of independent and decentralized thematic evaluations as a means of supporting CO learning and improving quality and relevance of the CO’s programmable offer. Scheduled evaluations ensures consistency of the offer with those development principles and direction advocated by UNDP as a global development partner. Considering CO size and associated resourcing constraints, the plan’s foundation rests in the effective administration of timely project evaluations that are customarily self-resourced from project budgets. Project evaluations are effectively impact evaluations which allows the CO’s tracking of relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of projects. Project evaluations are commissioned based on UNDP and donor guidance on mandatory evaluation thresholds. The measuring of individual project relevance and effectiveness is utilized as a proxy for assessing overarching portfolio performance and relevance and project evaluations provides significant insight on adjustments necessary to improve the CO’s programming. The Evaluation plan is also seeded with strategic thematic and portfolio evaluations which are meant to validate portfolio performance as is suggested by the more common project evaluations. Mid-cycle portfolio evaluations also serve as early warning beacons as the CO tracks its performance against commitments found within its defined Country Programme. Midterm reviews allow sufficient time for structural portfolio adjustments ensuring alignment to national offer elaborated within the CPD. Planned CPD evaluations allow the CO to determine if its programming made a coherent contribution to those overarching commitments made by the joint UN system through the Caribbean Region MSDCF.
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Belize Evaluation Plan Oct final.pdf

Evaluations Commissioned by Belize

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Enhancing jaguar corridors and strongholds through improved management and threat reduction Project Feb 2024 Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management $25,000 Planned
2. Towards Low Carbon Transport: Piloting e-mobility within Belize’s Public Transport System Project Feb 2024 Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy & Logistics $30,000 Planned

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