Mid Term Project Evaluation: 6th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Kenya

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Evaluation Plan:
2018-2022, Kenya
Evaluation Type:
Mid Term Project
Planned End Date:
Completion Date:
Management Response:
Evaluation Budget(US $):


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Title Mid Term Project Evaluation: 6th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Kenya
Atlas Project Number: 99179
Evaluation Plan: 2018-2022, Kenya
Evaluation Type: Mid Term Project
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 09/2020
Planned End Date: 09/2020
Management Response: Yes
Focus Area:
  • 1. Sustainable
  • 2. Others
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021)
  • 1. Output 1.4.1 Solutions scaled up for sustainable management of natural resources, including sustainable commodities and green and inclusive value chains
SDG Goal
  • Goal 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
SDG Target
  • 9.4 By 2030, upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes, with all countries taking action in accordance with their respective capabilities
Evaluation Budget(US $): 60,000
Source of Funding: GEF Trust Funds
Evaluation Expenditure(US $): 15,000
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
Evaluation Team members:
Name Title Nationality
James Lenoci consultant
GEF Evaluation: Yes
GEF Project Title: 6th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Kenya
Evaluation Type: Mid-term Review
Focal Area: Multifocal Areas
Project Type: FSP
GEF Phase: GEF-6
GEF Project ID: 9241
PIMS Number: 5730
Key Stakeholders:
Countries: KENYA

Prepare an adaptive management plan in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 


Update the terms of reference for the strategic partners to better define roles and responsibilities. 


Include the role of a project coordinator in the budget for each small grant in order to strengthen effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions. T


Bolster the SGP country team. 


Targeted technical assistance and advisory support should be considered, including, but not limited to matters associated with the climate change mitigation (CCM) focal area.


Enhance knowledge management and communications to facilitate upscaling and expand awareness of SGP in Kenya.


Arrange cross-learning exchanges among the landscapes-seascapes, integrate capacity development needs and plans into the landscape-seascape strategies, and develop a programme-wide capacity development strategy for SGP in Kenya


Planning grants should be utilized as one of the mechanisms to deliver capacity building to project proponents, particularly those with

limited experience in preparing grant proposals and delivering community development interventions.


Reporting is inconsistent among some of the indicators in the project results framework, e.g., Indicator A (increased area with improved community management) and Indicator D (metric tons of CO2e avoided as a result of increased community adoption of energy efficient and renewable energy systems.


Strengthen capacity building and monitoring & evaluation associated with social and environmental safeguards, including those associated with indigenous peoples.


Complete the gender analysis and action plan for the project, and monitor and evaluate progress towards achievement of the gender mainstreaming objective


Develop and implement a sustainability plan, including mainstreaming priority actions included in the landscape-seascape strategies and facilitating implementation of the seventh operational phase (OP7) of the SGP in Kenya

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