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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. Evaluation on Hosting Communities Project Project Jordan 2017 $15,000 No No No
2. Evaluation à finale du programme PACTE pour le Développement Durable Project Burundi 2017 $30,000 Yes No No
3. Mid Term Evaluation for Improved Charcoal Production Project Uganda 2017 $25,000 No No Yes
4. Final Evaluation EE Bricks Project China 2017 $40,000 No No Yes
5. Final evaluation of the project "Addressing climate change risks to farming systems in Turkmenistan at national and community level" Project Turkmenistan 2017 $15,000 No Yes No
6. Evaluation du Projet d'Appui au Processus Electoral au Mali (PAPEM) Project Mali 2017 $50,000 No No No
7. SONGHAI terminal evaluation Project Gambia 2017 $15,000 No No No
8. Evaluación Intermedia a la Plataforma Articulada para el Desarrollo Integral Territorial (PADIT) Project Cuba 2017 $25,000 No No No
9. Capacity Building for Justice Project Zimbabwe 2017 $15,000 No No No
10. Wind Hybrid Power Generation (WHYPGEN) Market Development Project Indonesia 2017 $15,000 No Yes Yes
11. Midterm Evaluation: Wetlands portfolio (6 projects) Project China 2017 $200,000 No No Yes
12. Evaluation a mi-parcours du projet d'"Appui au Programme de Reforme publique Administrative" (PNRA) Project Burundi 2017 $30,000 No No No
13. Evaluation du projet Plateformes Multifonctionnelles Project Mali 2017 $60,000 No No No
14. Evaluation finale du projet Plateforme Multifonctionnelle (PTFM) Project Senegal 2017 $10,000 No No No
15. Promotion of energy efficient lighting in Kazakhstan Project Kazakhstan 2017 $35,000 No No Yes
16. Youth Economic Empowerment Project and Women Economic Empowerment Project Project Yemen 2017 $15,000 No No No
17. End Term Evaluation - Invasive Alien Species project Project Sri Lanka 2017 $20,000 Yes No Yes
18. Cassava Cambodia Export Diversification and Expansion Program II Mid-term Review Project Cambodia 2017 $25,000 No No No
19. Socio-economic Development of communities around radioactive sites in Kyrgyzstan Project Kyrgyzstan 2017 $15,000 No No No
20. Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Chu and Talas River Basins Project Kyrgyzstan 2017 $15,000 No No Yes

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