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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. Mid Term Evaluation of Strengthening Electoral & Legislative Processes Project Pakistan 2021 $20,000 No No No
2. Mid-Term Evaluation of FATA Transition and Recovery Programme Project Pakistan 2021 $30,000 No No No
3. Terminal evaluation of Conservation of critical Wetland PAs and linked landscapes Project (00076965) Project Viet Nam 2021 $30,000 No No Yes
4. Disaster Resilience for Pacific SIDS (RESPAC) Terminal Evaluation Project Fiji 2021 $40,000 No No No
5. Evaluation finale du projet Femmes, Jeunes, Entreprenants et Citoyenneté Project Burkina Faso 2021 $19,000 No No No
7. Final Evaluation of the Strengthening Management Effectiveness and Generating Multiple Environmental Benefits within and around the Greater Kafue National Park and West Lunga National Park in Zambia Project Zambia 2021 $60,000 No No Yes
8. Evaluation finale du projet "Planification du développement, secteur privé et emploi" (PDSE). Project Madagascar 2021 $25,000 No No No
9. Evaluation finale de la Composante 2 du Programme d’appui au développement des économies locales (PADEL) Project Burkina Faso 2021 $30,000 No No No
10. Final Evaluation of Génération Avantages Globaux pour Environnement à travers amélioration systèmes Info, Planific & prise décisions (PGAGE) Project Mali 2021 $50,000 No No Yes
11. Terminal Evaluation of Sustainable Land Management Programme to Combat Desertification in Pakistan II Project Pakistan 2021 $30,000 No No Yes
12. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Climate -Induced Disaster Risk Reduction Project (CDRRP) Project Afghanistan 2021 $35,000 No No No
13. 00077733 Enhancing the Protected Area System in Sulawesi (E-PASS) for Biodiversity Conservation GEF Terminal Evaluation Project Indonesia 2021 $40,000 No Yes Yes
14. Kiribati CB2 Terminal Evaluation Project Fiji 2021 $12,500 No No Yes
15. Fiji CB2/CCCD TERMINAL EVALUATION Project Fiji 2021 $12,000 No No Yes
16. Women in Local Development: Women in Politics’ Project Mid-Term Evaluation Project Armenia 2021 $12,000 No No No
17. Poverty Environment Action for SDGs (PEA) Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2021 $100,000 No Yes No
18. E-learning on Sustainable Development and SDGs Project Ukraine 2021 $5,000 No No No
19. Terminal Evaluation: Catalysing Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Sustainable Management of Shared Living Marine Resources in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large marine Ecosystems (CLME+ SAP) (PIMS 5247) Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2021 $40,000 No No Yes
20. Final Project Evaluation for the Green Economic Development Project – II Phase Project Bosnia and Hercegovina 2021 $20,000 No No No

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