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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. Final Project Evaluation - “Enhancing adaptive capacity of communities to climate change-related floods in the North Coast and Islands Region of Papua New Guinea Project Papua New Guinea 2019 $50,000 No No No
2. Mid Term Increased Resilience to Climate Change in Northern Ghana through the Management of Water Resources and Diversification of Livelihoods Project Ghana 2019 $30,000 No No Yes
3. First Draft of Final Evaluation for Wetlands Portfolio - Xinjiang Project China 2019 $35,000 No No Yes
4. Scaling up Adaptation Project Evaluation Project Zimbabwe 2019 $45,000 No No Yes
5. Mid-term Evaluation of the project "Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development - West (CBARD-West) Project Afghanistan 2019 $50,000 No No No
6. Mid Term Review for Enhancing Effectiveness And Financial Sustainability Of Protected Areas In Malaysia Project Malaysia 2019 $30,000 No No Yes
7. Mid Term Review for Biodiversity Conservation in Multiple-use Forest Landscapes in Sabah, Malaysia Project Malaysia 2019 $30,000 No No Yes
8. BRA/10/005 Projeto de Fortalecimento do Ministerio da Saude Haiti SUL SUL Project Brazil 2019 $30,000 No No No
9. Projet d'appui à la formation continue de la police nationale de Côte d'Ivoire Project Côte d'Ivoire 2019 $15,000 No No No
10. Mainstreaming global environment commitments for effective national environmental management Project Suriname 2019 $15,000 No No Yes
11. Final Evaluation of the Project Strengthening the Role of Local Communities/Mjesne zajednice (MZs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project Bosnia and Hercegovina 2019 $22,000 No No No
12. Final programme evaluation on Joint UNDP-UNEP Poverty Environment Initiative (2013-2018) Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2019 $75,000 No Yes No
13. Final Evaluation - PIMS 4732 Expansion and Improved Management Effectiveness of the Achara Region’s Protected Areas Project Georgia 2019 $18,000 No No Yes
14. External Evaluation for the project “Dialogue Coordination Mechanism-Phase 2” Project Georgia 2019 $16,410 No No No
15. External Evaluation for the project “Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM) – Phase 3” Project Georgia 2019 $22,300 No No No
16. Systeme alerte précoce (SAP IC) Project Burkina Faso 2019 $25,000 No No No
17. Terminal Evaluation: Implementing the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in Bhutan Project Bhutan 2019 $25,000 No No Yes
18. Reducing Barriers for Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia Project Serbia 2019 $30,000 No No Yes
19. Project evaluation on decentralization and local governance Project Mongolia 2019 $30,000 No No No
20. Ensuring global environmental concerns and best practices mainstreamed in the post conflict rapid development process of Sri Lanka through improved information management Project Sri Lanka 2019 $15,000 No No Yes

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