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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. Terminal Evaluation of Bhutan Sustainable Low Emission Urban Transport Project Bhutan 2022 $20,000 No No Yes
2. Mid term evaluation of Integrated Environmental Management of the Río Motagua Watershed Project Guatemala 2022 $53,350 No No Yes
3. Mid-Term of Promoting sustainable and resilient landscapes in the Central Volcanic chain of Guatemala Project Guatemala 2022 $41,000 No No Yes
4. Enabling a Gender-Responsive Disaster Recovery, Climate and Environmental Resilience in the Caribbean Project Barbados 2022 $65,000 No No No
5. Evaluación final del proyecto PADIT - Plataforma Articulada para el Desarrollo Integral Territorial durante el período 2018-2021 Project Cuba 2022 $25,000 No No No
6. BRA/17/G31 - PIMS-5896 - Taking Deforestation out of Soy Supply Chain in MATOPIBA region TE Project Brazil 2022 $45,000 No No Yes
7. Eval. Final ARG 16G23: "Modelos de negocios sostenibles para la producción de biogás a partir de residuos sólidos urbanos orgánicos" Project Argentina 2022 $15,000 No No Yes
8. Mid-Term Review PRORIO Project Honduras 2022 $18,550 No No Yes
9. Final evaluation ABS project Project Algeria 2022 $30,000 No No Yes
10. Impulso Económico Global - Mid-term Evaluation Project Mexico 2022 $7,000 No No No
11. Terminal Evaluation (TE) Report - UNDP-GEF Project: Sustainable Fuelwood Management (SFM) Project in Nigeria Project Nigeria 2022 $20,000 No No Yes
12. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services capacity Network (BES-Net) Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2022 $30,000 No Yes No
13. Final Evaluation: Strengthening the Long-Term Resilience of Subnational Authorities Project Iraq 2022 $40,000 No No No
14. Final Evaluation: Formulation and Advancement of the National Adaptation Plan Process in Bangladesh Project Bangladesh 2022 $30,000 No No No
15. Accountable Public Finance Management Project Serbia 2022 $25,000 No No No
16. Mid-Term Evaluation of Demining and Increasing the Border Surveillance Capacity at the Eastern Borders of Turkey – Phase-III Project Turkey 2022 $29,916 No No No
17. Terminal Evaluation Project Cambodia 2022 $23,000 No No Yes
18. Final Evaluation Community-oriented Policing Services (COPS) Project Afghanistan 2022 $30,000 No No No
19. Final evaluation: Joint Programme Title: “Building the Resilience of Local Communities Against Health, Environmental and Economic Insecurities in the Aral Sea Region” Project Uzbekistan 2022 $18,000 No Yes No
20. Combating Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in Kenya through an Integrated Approach (IWT). Project Kenya 2022 $40,000 No No Yes

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