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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities Project Lebanon 2017 $10,000 No No No
2. Peace Building Project External Evaluation Project Lebanon 2017 $10,000 No No No
3. Tuvalu National Programme of Action: Increasing Resilience of Coastal Areas and Community Settlements to Climate Change in Tuvalu Project Fiji 2017 $30,000 No No Yes
4. Mainstreaming traditional knowledge associated with agrobiodiversity in Colombian agroecosystems Project Colombia 2017 $13,000 No No Yes
5. Mainstreaming Biodiversity in the Coffee Sector in Colombia Project Colombia 2017 $5,200 No No Yes
7. Institutional Support to the Ministry of Environment Project Evaluation Project Lebanon 2017 $20,000 No No No
8. Mid-Term Review of Forest Carbon Partnership Facility’s REDD+ Readiness Project in Papua New Guinea Project Papua New Guinea 2017 $25,000 No No No
9. Evaluación Intermedia EbA Amazonía - Cambio Climático en Reservas Comunales Project Peru 2017 $19,890 No No No
10. Local Governance Community Development Programme Phase II Project UNV 2017 $5,000 No No No
11. Renforcement de la resilience et adaptation aux impacts negatifs du changement climatique dans les zones cotieres vulnerables de la Guinee Project Guinea 2016 $30,000 No Yes Yes
12. UNDP's Support to Devolution Project Kenya 2016 $80,000 No Yes No
13. Terminal Evaluation of the UNDP Support to Health Sector in Limpopo Programme: Phase III Project South Africa 2016 $14,100 No Yes No
14. Elections Evaluation de projet (locale, législative). Project Congo Brazzaville 2016 $40,000 No No No
15. Evaluation Programme d'Appui à la Gouvernance Economique à la réduction de la pauvreté et à la Résilience Project Mali 2016 $5,000 Yes No No
16. Evaluation du projet Ameliorer les capacites d'adaptation et la resilience aux changements climatiques dans le secteur agricole Project Mali 2016 $50,000 No Yes Yes
17. Strengthening the Capacity of National Volunteer Infrastructure for HIV and AIDS Response In Swaziland Project Swaziland 2016 $6,000 No Yes No
18. Adapting National and Transboundary Water Resources Management to Manage Expected Impacts of Climate Change in Swaziland Project Swaziland 2016 $50,000 No No Yes
19. Final Evaluations for Kashgar Tarim Basin Energy Forest Project Project China 2016 $10,000 No No No
20. MTR: Strengthening Ecosystem Resilience and Community Adaptive Capacity in Climate Affected River Basins in DPRK (SERCARB) Project DPR Korea 2016 $30,000 No No No

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