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Location of Evaluation
SN Title Type Unit/Country Completion year Budget Mandatory Joint GEF
1. 00085001 Transforming Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation in Priority Sumatran Landscapes (Tiger Project) GEF Mid-Term Evaluation Project Indonesia 2020 $40,000 No No Yes
2. Palau Mainstreaming Global Environmental Priorities into National Policies and Programmes Project Fiji 2020 $30,000 No No Yes
3. Effective and Responsive Island level governance to secure and diversify climate resilient mairine based coastal livelihoods and enhance climate chazard response capacity Project Fiji 2020 $25,000 No No Yes
4. Adapatation to Climate change in the Coastal Zone in Vanuatu Project Fiji 2020 $50,000 No No Yes
5. Cook Islands Nagoya Protocol (ABS_FE) Project Samoa 2020 $20,000 No No Yes
6. Terminal Evaluation for Kidepo Project Project Uganda 2020 $30,000 No No Yes
7. UNV Online Volunteering Services – Final Project Evaluation Project UNV 2020 $30,000 No No No
8. Final project Evaluation: Iraq Crises Response and Resiliense project (ICRRP) Project Iraq 2020 $130,000 No No No
9. Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet APAA Project Madagascar 2020 $40,000 No No Yes
10. Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet "Réhabilitation et Restauration des Ecosystèmes du Lac Tchad" Project Chad 2020 $25,000 No No No
11. Mid-term Evaluation of Goksu Taseli Watershed Development Project Project Turkey 2020 $30,000 No Yes No
12. Final evaluation of the “Promotion of social and economic opportunities for women and youth in Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan” Project Tajikistan 2020 $10,000 No No No
13. End of Project Evaluation: Strenghthening the Resilience of Communities through Community-Based-Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Project DPR Korea 2020 $20,000 No No No
14. Fiji Renewable Energy Power Project Project Fiji 2020 $20,000 No No Yes
15. Kiribati Trade Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening Project Evaluation Project Fiji 2020 $15,000 No No No
16. Mid-term evaluation of the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) – 00095984 Project Viet Nam 2020 $20,000 No No No
17. Final Evaluation to the Justice System Programme Project Timor-Leste 2020 $20,000 No No No
18. Green Technology Application for Low Carbon Cities Project Malaysia 2020 $21,000 No No No
19. Mid-term evaluation for Promoting Sustainable Bio-energy Production from Biomass (SBEPB) in Timor-Leste Project Timor-Leste 2020 $20,000 No No Yes
20. Evaluación final del Proyecto "Apoyo al Ciclo Electoral de El Salvador" 2018-2019 Project El Salvador 2020 $25,000 No No No

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