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  • Josy Philogene
  • Levan Bouadze
  • Marina Ten
  • Pelin Kihtir
  • Tahmina Anvarova

Evaluations Commissioned by RBEC

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Year Management Response
1. Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans Project 2018 Yes
2. Final evaluation of the project "Initial implementation of accelerated HCFC Phase Out in the CEIT Region" PIMS 4309 FSP Project 2018 Yes
3. Mid-Term Review of the UNDP-UNEP-GEF project: Global Support for Preparation of National Communications and Biennial Up-date Reports of Non-Annex I Parties under the UNFCCC 2015-2020 Project 2018 No
4. Evaluation of Czech-UNDP Trust Fund Project 2017 Yes
5. Mid-term evaluation of the project Initial implementation of accelerated HCFC Phase Out in the CEIT Region PIMS 4309 FSP Project 2016 Yes
6. Final evaluation of phase II of the Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS Project 2016 Yes
7. Mid Term Evaluation of UNDP's Regional Programme for Europe and the CIS 2014-2017 Outcome 2016 Yes
8. Terminal Evaluation of the GEF/UNDP Project Protection and Sustainable Use of the Dinaric Karst Aquifer System (DIKTAS) PIMS No. 4056 Project 2016 Yes
9. Terminal Evaluation UNDP-GEF Global Project “Supporting Country Action on the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas” Project 2015 Yes
10. Final evaluation "Improving of the Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea" project Others 2015 Yes
11. Evaluation of the initiative 'Knowledge and Innovation in the Europe and CIS region 2012/2013" Thematic 2014 Yes
12. Terminal Evaluation of UNDP/GEF Project: Slovakia Sustainable Mobility for the City of Bratislava Project 2014 Yes
13. Final Evaluation of Public Finance for Development programme Project 2014 Yes
14. Terminal Evaluation of the project "IW:LEARN Strenghtening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact" PIMS 4219 FSP Project 2014 Yes
15. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme Project 2014 Yes
16. Capacity Development for Climate Risk Management in Europe and CIS Project 2013 Yes
17. Mid-term evaluation of Supporting RBEC transition to low-emission development project Project 2013 Yes
18. Final Project Evaluation of Preparing for HCFC phase-out Project 2013 Yes
19. EU/UNDP project: Promoting Integrated Waters Resources Management and Fostering Transboundary dialogue in Central Asia Project 2013 Yes
20. Sustainable Mobility in the City of Bratislava Project 2013 Yes

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