PIMS 2144 Removing Barriers to the Reconstruction of Public Lighting Systems in Slovakia.

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Evaluation Plan:
2007-2007, Slovak Republic
Evaluation Type:
Planned End Date:
Completion Date:
Management Response:
Evaluation Budget(US $):


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Download document ToR_MTE_SK_Public_Lighting_-_FINAL.doc tor Posted 430
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Title PIMS 2144 Removing Barriers to the Reconstruction of Public Lighting Systems in Slovakia.
Atlas Project Number:
Evaluation Plan: 2007-2007, Slovak Republic
Evaluation Type: Project
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 12/2007
Planned End Date: 11/2009
Management Response: No
Focus Area:
  • 1. Crisis Prevention & Recovery
  • 2. Environment & Sustainable Development
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-2017)
  • 1. Development plans and programmes integrate environmentally sustainable solutions in a manner that promotes poverty reduction, MDG achievement and low-emission climate-resilient development
Evaluation Budget(US $): 17,000
Source of Funding:
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
Evaluation Team members:
Name Title Email Nationality
Mr. Louis-Philippe Lavoie Team Leader
GEF Evaluation: Yes
Evaluation Type:
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Project Type: EA
GEF Phase: GEF-1
PIMS Number: 2144
Key Stakeholders:
1 CAPACITY BUILDING Programme related to EPC methodology, contractual framework and monitoring and Verification as the Investment Facilitation Department (IFD) has not adequately mastered the EPC methodology and implementation procedures. Issue No. 2: REVISE THE EPC IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY to speed up the projects selection. (The proposed amendment recommends implementing 5 projects in 2008, 10 in 2009 and 10 in 2010. Because of the project timeframe and also because of the need to proceed with additional resource mobilization (EU Structural Funds), the IFD should consider speeding up its investment programme to disburse its investment budget by the end of 2008 or no later than the end of the first quarter of 2009.) Issue No. 3: BUNDLE THREE SERIES OF PL PROJECTS with the aim of optimizing the implementation process and cut down the management and equipment supply costs, as the implementation of EPC Shared Savings is time consuming and the availability of human resources at the IFD is very limited. Issue No. 4: : Lay out and implement an efficient marketing action plan to promote EPC for PL. Issue No. 5: CONSIDER REQUESTING A BUDGET REVISION AND A PROJECT EXTENSION to take into account the incremental costs related to EPC implementation and to allow for sufficient time for the market (municipal sector) to accept the new business model the CEVO intends to implement. Issue No. 6: Revise the cost breakdown structure of EPC Project transaction cost, as the incremental costs related to EPC transaction costs and M&V costs are underestimated.
Management response not available

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