Regional Programme Document for Asia and the Pacific Mid-term Review Report

Regional Programme Document for Asia and the Pacific Mid-term Review Report

Completedon 10 Jan, 2016
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Dec 2015
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Management Response
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Regional Programme Document for Asia and the Pacific Mid-term Review Report
Plan Period
Management Response
Plan Date
20 Dec, 2015
Quality Assessment
Completion Date
10 Jan, 2016
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  • Corporate Outcome and Output

    UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Output 1.1. National and sub-national systems and institutions enabled to achieve structural transformation of productive capacities that are sustainable and employment - and livelihoods- intensive

Output 1.5. Inclusive and sustainable solutions adopted to achieve increased energy efficiency and universal modern energy access (especially off-grid sources of renewable energy)

Output 2.1. Parliaments, constitution making bodies and electoral institutions enabled to perform core functions for improved accountability, participation and representation, including for peaceful transitions

Output 2.2. Institutions and systems enabled to address awareness, prevention and enforcement of anti-corruption measures across sectors and stakeholders

Output 3.3. National institutions, systems, laws and policies strengthened for equitable, accountable and effective delivery of HIV and related services

Output 4.2. Measures in place and implemented across sectors to prevent and respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Output 4.4. Measures in place to increase women's participation in decision-making

Output 5.2. Effective institutional, legislative and policy frameworks in place to enhance the implementation of disaster and climate risk management measures at national and sub-national levels

Output 5.4. Preparedness systems in place to effectively address the consequences of and response to natural hazards (e.g. geo-physical and climate related) and man-made crisis at all levels of government and community

Output 5.6. Mechanisms are enabled for consensus-building around contested priorities, and address specific tensions, through inclusive and peaceful processes

Output 7.3. National development plans to address poverty and inequality are sustainable and risk resilient

Output 7.4. Countries enabled to gain equitable access to, and manage, ODA and other sources of global development financing

Output 7.5 South-South and Triangular cooperation partnerships established and/or strengthened for development solutions

1: Crisis Prevention & Recovery

2: Cross-cutting Development Issue

3: Democratic Governance

4: Environment & Sustainable Development

5: Others

6: Poverty and MDG