Mid-term CPD Evaluaiton

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Evaluation Plan:
2017-2021, Saudi Arabia
Evaluation Type:
Country Programme Evaluation
Planned End Date:
Completion Date:
Management Response:
Evaluation Budget(US $):


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Title Mid-term CPD Evaluaiton
Atlas Project Number:
Evaluation Plan: 2017-2021, Saudi Arabia
Evaluation Type: Country Programme Evaluation
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 07/2019
Planned End Date: 07/2019
Management Response: No
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-2017)
Evaluation Budget(US $): 35,000
Source of Funding: Office budget
Evaluation Expenditure(US $): 15,750
Joint Programme: No
Joint Evaluation: No
Evaluation Team members:
Name Title Email Nationality
Mostafa Kharoufi Consultant m.kharoufi@hotmail.fr
GEF Evaluation: No
Key Stakeholders: National Partners

•        The partnership between the UNDP CP and Saudi Arabia National Partners is a success. According to the Partners such as MoFA, SEEC, some of the projects (SEEC, Public Education Evaluation Commission, SFDA, National Authority for Statistics), were able to alleviate challenges, accomplish their mandates becoming well known across the country and even in the Gulf Region.

•        The UNDP CP was also able to make necessary revision of the project to maintain a substantive and technical support to the implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy. This was result of the considerable success of the project in its previous phase by mainstreaming energy efficiency and raising it high on development agenda, the specific thrust of this revision is to carry on wide-ranging awareness campaigns targeting households, as well as the education, industrial and commercial sectors.

•        The UNDP CP was reactive to the change operated by the National Partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the implementation of the Vision 2030: as the planning system has to adapt and to be responsive to shifts in paradigms of strategic thinking, methodologies and techniques of policy analysis, and approaches to management of resources.

•        Projects such as SEEC and SFDA could constitute a success story and deserve to be presented at regional level


-        UNDP CP is relevant and has made adequate adjustments to respond to emerging issues at the national development context.

-        The National Partners, in general, have expressed their great satisfaction working with UNDP

-         This satisfaction is very important in the ongoing context of a country experiencing a rapid transition in the development approach.

-        Through this approach, Government Agencies are preparing decisions based on detailed studies and benchmarks, as well as comprehensive analysis of each agency’s programs, plans and relevant performance indicators

-        Objectives of the ongoing UNDP projects are in line with those of the executing agency/implementing partners.

-        Progress is underway with some solid achievements in vital sectors (Economy and Planning, Employment, water management, Urban management, Energy, Statistics, Food and Drug security).

-        The CPD outcomes are still valid, with only minor suggestion for an increase focus on the SDGs in Pillar n 1 (Sustainable economic and social development).

-        For instance, a new output should be prepared to address UNDPs support to the National agencies in the implementation of the SDGs. Support should take into consideration the MAPS (Mainstreaming Acceleration of Policy Support).

-        Regarding gender equality, the MTE did assess the extent to which UNDP initiatives have addressed the issues of social and gender inclusion, equality and empowerment, and found that the CPD gender has not accorded gender great emphasis

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