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Appui aux Institutions de la Transition (AIT)
Commissioning Unit: Congo DRC
Evaluation Plan: 2004-2005
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 10/2005
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Congo DRC
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Urgent recruitment of the AIT project finance expert to take forward financial management capacity building, and the recommended use of $700,000. Should significant delays be anticipated in recruiting another finance expert, UNDP should contract a consultant for 6 months to establish minimum conditions, assess/audit the institutions for readiness in self-management of financial assistance, and recommend and establish a system for tranching releases. A national expert could be recruited on a longer-term basis to work alongside the international financial expert. Institutions that do not qualify for direct financial assistance should still receive planning assistance to make use of a budget managed by UNDP. 2. Immediate establishment of the Comité de Pilotage and its functions of transparency, reporting, and information sharing to donors and project partners; UNDP should also communicate its criteria on the payment of per diems and expenses; 3. The project should be re-organised to at least partly focus on specific activities supporting inter-institutional synergies to move forward the transition. A significant part of the budget could be re-dedicated to these activities. The most appropriate themes will need to be worked out with the 7 organisations, perhaps with the support of UNDP?s international partners such as NDI, KAF, EISA, IFES etc. However, such themes might include, for example, political parties (finance, media access, right to organise, codes of conduct etc); voters? rights and obligations; transparency and conflict mitigation around elections; pacification; vetting of candidates etc. 4. Preparing business cases for the organisations for the post-transition period is a concrete yet complex task, which the project has a unique opportunity and window to support. The project should have a specific focus on this task, if necessary with external support. 5. UNDP should develop a clear strategy of cooperation with each institution, and regular (quarterly) work plans and budgets in this regard. The strategies and plans should make clear the produits and cibles in 5 areas: I. Activities relating to transition-specific needs across two or more of the IADs, to promote horizontal linkages between the IADs, and to maximise the collective transition effort; II. Activities relating to transition-specific needs in each institution in order to maximise the albeit often short and under-funded roles; III. Feasibility/preparation of post-transition institutions and establishment of networks for building better governance in the longer-term; IV. Establishment of basic management and financial norms in the partner institutions; V. Experience in good budget management (a portion of DFID?s earmarked $700,000) after the project audit is shared. The Presidents of the Cabinet and Bureau of each partner institution should take responsibility for commitment to the content of the strategy and workplans, and nominate individuals to follow through implementation. This system will also allow the AIT project team faster and more flexible decision-making authority. 6. The international technical experts have available the possibility to draw down on external expertise. One area to consider is whether to recruit a management development/training body to conduct organisational assessments of the institutions (beyond finance), and to help establish basic management norms through joint activities with the 7 partners.
Management Response: [Added: 2010/01/19]

Toutes les observations/recommandations du rapport d évaluation ont été prises en compte lors de la formulation et de la mise en ?uvre en cours du nouveau cycle programmatique pays 2008-2012

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