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Capacity Building Activities on Implementing the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Commissioning Unit: Malaysia
Evaluation Plan: 2008-2012
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2012
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Malaysia
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: ? Implement short activity assessment forms for delegates to provide feedback on the capacity building activities. Summarise this feedback in activity reports. o Similar approach has been used when implementing the BCH Phase II Project activities ?Investigate mechanisms for coordinated regulation of LMOs in Malaysia using the existing regulatory functions of relevant ministries, such as field trial and facility inspection, export and import control; socio-economic impact assessments and food safety assessments. o NRE will also look into the possibility of forming up standing committee on biosafety between Government agencies to discuss on any related issue with regards to the implementation of the biosafety law in this country.
Management Response: [Added: 2012/12/06]

Recommendations were discussed in the NSC and are currently adopted.

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