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Terminal Evaluation: Building Community Resilience and Strengthening Local Government Capacities for Recovery and Disaster Risk Management or RESILIENCE Project
Commissioning Unit: Philippines
Evaluation Plan: 2012-2018
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 06/2013
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Philippines
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: On the pre-project preparation phase: a. include the initial formulation with all partners of the project; and b. all data requirements, situational analyses and equipment required are identified and made available for the start of the implementation phase
Management Response: [Added: 2013/12/26] [Last Updated: 2013/12/26]

OCD agrees to the recommendation. In future projects, OCD will include pre-project preparation phase in the project timeframe and if future projects are similar in scope with the RESILIENCE Project, consider having implementation duration for at least 3 years.

Key Actions:

2. Recommendation: On the implementation phase: a. all the policies developed and enhanced by the project are supported through to approval and integration into the annual investment plans; b. conflicting interests when it comes to land use need to be fully resolved during the process of formulation/enhancement of land use policies and zoning ordinance for them to be effective and enforceable; c. there is a need for the institutionalization of the local DRRMOs with plantilla positions.
Management Response: [Added: 2013/12/26] [Last Updated: 2013/12/26]

OCD will take the first recommendation (a) into consideration. For future projects with similar activities on Policy Development and Enhancement, OCD will consider if it will be realistic to set targets such as approval and integration of DRRM into local plans. It will depend on several factors such as the political environment, capacity level, and degree of receptiveness of the target LGU, among others. For the second recommendation (b)OCD agrees and for future projects, it is expected that HLURB has already developed guidelines for LGUs to follow in

Key Actions:

3. Recommendation: On the Building Capacities for LGUs and Other Stakeholders component: a. A Training of Trainers at the local level of implementation which can lead the replication and roll-out of training to communities and to other government employees b. solicit feedback from participants during and after a training to further enhance training design; a topic/module on resource mobilization should be incorporated c. establishment of a knowledge management system as repository of information, data and modules d. harmonization of existing EWS, like KOICA, PAGASA, EFCOS, and NOAH together with the analysis of technical data and translating these into layman's terms and deliver to communities
Management Response: [Added: 2013/12/26] [Last Updated: 2013/12/26]

OCD agrees to the recommendations. a. For future projects, Training of Trainers will be included as a strategy to effectively cascade learning and increase capacity of LGUs through development of their internal expertise on DRRM. b. For future projects, improvements will be incorporated in the training design including the feedback mechanism, and the inclusion of a module on resource mobilization on DRRM for LGUs. c. 1 A knowledge management system is being established under the Information Technology (IT) Component of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Capacity Enhancement Project (DRRM-CEP) of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with OCD d. While the RESILIENCE Project also supported harmonization and integration of existing EWS, future projects with similar scope will built on what has been accomplish in terms of EWS.

Key Actions:

4. Recommendation: On the Improved Coordination and Partnerships component: a. collaboration and coordination b. project updates, implementation progress, and changes could be communicated with cooperating partners via newsletters, project web page and the like
Management Response: [Added: 2013/12/26] [Last Updated: 2013/12/26]

OCD agrees to the recommendations. For future projects, other modes of communication and coordination can be harnessed such as social media.

Key Actions:

5. Recommendation: On sustainability: a. completion of the CLUP and the MOA and localization of maps and data to be user friendly especially for local planners; analysis and how to make use of the data and maps by technical people through a series of training under the LGU; b. IEC materials and advocacy and workshops should continue beyond the project lfie c. Sustain the Metro Manila-Rizal Network with DILG as secretariat
Management Response: [Added: 2013/12/26] [Last Updated: 2013/12/26]

OCD agrees to the recommendation. OCD has existing project(s) on mainstreaming DRRM into CLUP. LGU should be able to continue capacity building activities for scaling up and replication as it is indicated in their Local DRRM Plans. OCD will coordinate with DILG for the sustainability of the Metro Manila-Rizal Network

Key Actions:

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