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Inclusive Participation in Governance Programme
Commissioning Unit: Rwanda
Evaluation Plan: 2013-2018
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 12/2013
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Rwanda
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation: Evaluation issue and Recommendation 2: Capacity building activities 2.1 Expand the BRIDGE training Program to political parties, media and sector level for better understanding of electoral cycles, procedures and requirements 2.2.Increase inclusion of middle class citizens in urban areas in civic and voter education training Programs 2.3 Diversify and tailor the YPLA training to include the non-educated class of citizens who also have an important role to play in Rwanda?s political space. 2.4 Redesign the YPLA training to address and emphasise gender in its design and implementation strategy. 2.5 Prioritise the induction training of 80 new parliamentarians emphasising their roles in citizen representation and consultation.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/05] [Last Updated: 2014/02/05]

Management response. Most of the recommendations have already been taken up and are under implementation in the new programme.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
2.1 The BRIDGE training has been expanded to include political parties and the media ?No action required 2.2 Design a comprehensive voter and civic education strategy 2.3 A mid-level curriculum has been designed and is under implementation with the view of including non-educated and another curriculum is foreseen for beyond 35yrs old participants 2.4. Mainstream gender in the YPLA training 2.5. Parliamentarian induction is on going
[Added: 2014/02/05]
NEC and NFPO 2014/07 Overdue-Initiated
2. Recommendation: Evaluation issue and Recommendation 1: Program design, implementation arrangements, reporting and M&E 1.1. Improve synergies between IPs on linked and cross-cutting activities. 1.2. Undertake a Program wide RBM and FM training for IPs? focals and all relevant technical staff involved in the IPG using a coaching and on-job mentoring approach. 1.3. Develop IP specific results based M & E frameworks to be able to establish the impact and contributions of IP specific actions. 1.4. Introduce a report format that disaggregates physical progress reporting by Program components, financial reporting aligned to project components, procurement progress and a narrative of lessons learnt and challenges faced in each quarter. 1.5. Introduce interim audits/monitoring missions to take stock of faults and challenges faced by the IPs.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/05]

Management response: The recommendations are fair and have already been incorporated in the ongoing programming

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1.1 conduct joint planning among partners on linked and cross cutting issues 1.2 Conduct programme wide capacity assessment and develop a capacity building plan 1.3 Program M.E framework already developed and approved- Annual M&E plan developed 1.4. New narrative reporting format and FACE forms already implemented and disseminated ? 1.5 Conduct annual audit and midterm evaluation
[Added: 2014/02/05] [Last Updated: 2016/03/14]
UNDP 2014/07 Completed Joint planning with partners have been conducted. The capacity wide assessment of the Governance partners has been conducted, and M&E Frameworks and Plans developed. Annual NIM audits are conducted and the MTE is ongoing. History
3. Recommendation: Evaluation issue and Recommendation 3: Strengthening project activities 3.1 Improve the efficiency of the electoral management process by increasing use of technology. 3.2 Develop synergies between IPs engaged in research for policy and Program development with professional research institutions such NISR, IRDP and NUR. 3.3 Undertake a survey of decisions made by parliamentary committees to identify what policies and Programs need amendment. 3.4. Advance the current research approach and focus to include exploration of best practices both locally and internationally and not only identification of local challenges
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/05]

Management response: The recommendation are fair and part of the ongoing programme They will be implemented to strengthen the on- going initiatives with partners.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
3.1 Conduct feasibility study on use of ICT in elections 3.2 Strengthen synergy at DRG level within the One UN 3.3. Strengthening M& E in parliament is ongoing 3.4 ongoing documentation of best practices
[Added: 2014/02/05] [Last Updated: 2016/03/14]
NEC and parliament 2014/07 Completed The agencies participating to Development Results 2 on accountable governance have been meeting on a monthly basis where they exchanged on various programme under DRG2. This has strengthened synergies at the level of DRG2. Home Grown Initiatives have been documented by Rwanda Governance Board. there has been increased efforts in strengthening M&E in Parliament, especially through capacity building of staff working on Planning and M&E. History
4. Recommendation: Evaluation issue and Recommendation 4: Support media sector development 4.1 Mobilise development partners and the civil society to contribute towards the media sector development basket fund. 4.2 . Provide technical assistance to MHC in elaborating the institutional strategic plan embedding priority IPG Program support areas.
Management Response: [Added: 2014/02/05]

Management response: These are new and important areas of possible cooperation with the implementing partners in the future. Media has already been prioritized in the ongoing five year programme.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
4.1 Regular consultation meetings with development partners on media development 4.2 Consult MHC on this activity as a priority 4.3 A CSOs empowerment with contribution to media development program is under elaboration
[Added: 2014/02/05] [Last Updated: 2016/03/14]
RGB and UNDP 2014/07 Completed Regular consultation meetings were organized with other development partners and a new CSO programme is contributing among other activities to media development History

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