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Mid term evaluation of the project Delivering multiple global environmental benefits through sustainable management of production landscapes
Commissioning Unit: Honduras
Evaluation Plan: 2017-2021
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 08/2018
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Honduras
Documents Related to overall Management Response:
1. Recommendation:

1. To analyze a possible extension for a year or a year and a half more, but the availability of available resources and the feasibility of obtaining substantive improvements justifying the extension period should be assessed.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

It is not feasible to request a time extension as suggested by year and a half. However, an extension of 3 months was valued according to the results obtained during the year 2018

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Propose to the project board the extension of 3 months
[Added: 2018/12/13]
unidad de desarrollo ostenible y resiliencia 2018/12 Completed
2. Recommendation:

2.It is suggested to focus on a small set of activities, as a criterion to finish what has been started, strive to measure the indicators, systematize the information of the project in determining all the variables of the farms intervened. What you did not start, do not started.

It is suggested that the targeting should be prioritized as follows: i) systematize the production information of the farmers already in the project, so as to obtain the necessary data to prepare baselines and results Finals for the intervened farms; (ii) Implement the National livestock table with the products described in the Prodoc; To finish the  environmental baselines and measure erosion reduction indicators on farms; IV. To support the municipalities in their plans of territorial ordering and elaboration of ordinances.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

The targeting criteria suggested by the consultant will be taken into account

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
I. Limit the scope of the baseline study to the universe of producers with which the ECA is already working II. Strengthen the SAG to assume the leadership of the national platform and the achievement of the products envisaged III. Strengthen the national table of biological monitoring and publish the instruments and studies generated IV. With regard to the erosion indicator will be selected those farms where the project has intervened, applying the method used in the baseline during the elaboration of the Prodoc IV. Implementation of the PDM-OT (Municipal development plan with a focus on land management) in 8 municipalities by agreeing with local governments a follow-up plan of part of the project, linking and empowering the Directorate of Environmental Administration
[Added: 2018/12/13] [Last Updated: 2019/04/09]
unidad de desarrollo sostenible 2019/03 Completed Se finalizó el levantamiento de información de monitoreo con productores de las escuelas de campo, y se reconstruyó la línea base a partir de planes de finca que se realizaron al inicio del proyecto. Se ha firmado carta acuerdo con FENAGH para fortalecer a la SAG en su papel de asumir el liderazgo de la plataforma nacional de ganadería sostenible; así mismo se apoyó la preparación del borrador final de Decreto Ejecutivo para su creación. Se publicaron herramientas validadas por la Mesa Nacional de Monitoreo Biológico, entre ellas el Protocolo Nacional de Monitoreo del jaguar, así mismo se ha brindado seguimiento al plan de trabajo anual de la Mesa, se realizó foro nacional de Paisajes y Biodiversidad para entregar los productos y herramientas de la Mesa de Monitoreo Biológico. Se entregaron de manera oficial los Planes de Ordenamiento territorial a las autoridades competentes (5 planes al Comisionado presidencial del sur y los restantes 3 a los alcaldes municipales) History
3. Recommendation:

It is suggested to reducer some targets and goals as follows:

 for indicators such as "percentage of meat and milk acquisitions by retailers and exporters who are subject to environmental sustainability criteria" and establish them at the level of farms with which they have worked, instead of making National level.

The "volume of purchases of meat and milk with which retailers and exporters have committed themselves to apply environmental sustainability criteria no later than 5 years followed by the end of the project" is not relevant to the project and also It depends on variables beyond your control, so it is suggested to eliminate or reduce it to a pilot experience.

Reduce the goals of the indicator: "Pasture areas in meta areas converted into silvopastoral systems with farm benefits (for habitat and connectivity in target area 1)", at levels that are achievable.

 Reduce the target for the indicator "reduction in the area of forests or ecoagrosystems rich in trees affected by the expansion of livestock due to the insertion into sustainable chains of value and better conditions of governability" for TA2.

Eliminate or reduce the goal of the indicator "quantity of farms, by area, in the target areas that are meeting the criteria for insertion in sustainable value chains" and the "quantities of meat and dairy products in target areas that are sold through CA Sustainable chains of value "; Due to the little environmental contribution that may have or reduce it to a small pilot to demonstrate its possibilities as a market tool.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

The project results framework indicators will be reviewed to reduce the scope according to recommendations

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
To validate an adjustment to indicators in the mid-year project board
[Added: 2018/12/13]
unidad de desarollo sostenible 2018/07 Completed
4. Recommendation:

For product 1.2. "expressed private sector commitments in policies, publications and agreements written by supermarket chains and exporters to certify, supply and market meat and dairy products on the basis of environmental sustainability to generate GEBs in Production landscapes "It is suggested to eliminate or reduce it to a well-designed pilot experience. It is also suggested to eliminate or reduce the 1.3 product on farm certification because it delivers doubtful environmental benefits.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

A diagnosis will be made to define the feasibility of certifying model farms in the target area 2, as a pilot, to demonstrate the contribution of the certification as part of the market tools

Based on the results of the diagnosis will be made a selection for the process of certification of farms, for which a letter will be signed agreement with a potential associate.

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
To Validate an adjustment to indicators in the mid-year project board
[Added: 2018/12/13]
unidad de desarrollo ssotenible 2019/03 Completed
5. Recommendation:

develop the gender strategy of the project.

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

The meat and milk value chain will be analyzed under a gender perspective to identify gaps and opportunities for women's economic empowerment

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
Gender diagnosis in the meat and milk value chain Business development Plan for selected groups that include gender focus
[Added: 2018/12/13] [Last Updated: 2019/04/09]
unidad de desarrollo sostenible 2019/03 Completed Se cuenta con una alianza con Proyecto Heifer Internacional, quien desarrollará el estudio nacional de la cadena de Ganadería, donde se ha establecido recopilar los datos de género. Se elaboró un Plan de acción para Género a nivel de la OCP, como estructura programática de los proyectos, en este documento se delinean acciones concretas del proyecto y en seguimiento a las mismas se ha apoyado la conformación de una escuela de campo de mujeres y están siendo capacitadas para la transformación de productos lácteos History
6. Recommendation:

Recomendations under M&E

1. To analyze the possibility of hiring a professional in charge of full-time M&E, to keep track of the goals and indicators of the project

2. The progress reports of area coordinators should have a common format that identifies the information required to show the relationship between activities, products and expected results

3. Justify the POA 2018 with a strategic planning document, with objectives and justifications for the activities and their opportunity to implement

4. Elaborating the project's exit strategy

5. Develop a knowledge transfer program of the activities of consultants, CATIE and Panthera, to Ues and local authorities to ensure sustainability and monitoring of indicators;

6. Develop A replication strategy/programme and lessons learned from the project;

Management Response: [Added: 2018/12/13]

  1. No budget is available for full-time hiring a monitoring officer, however, to have a part-time person who will be strengthened to assist in monitoring the project results
  2. The sections to be contained in the report to prepare a standard format will be analyzed, the current quarterly report format will be considered
  3. Agree
  4. Agree
  5. In agreement, the Forum of sustainable livestock will be programmed with all the actors of the livestock sector, incorporating the universities to ncreased participation of Ues at the Biological monitoring table (Panthera studies), national platform, and sectoral platforms
  6. Agreement will be held forum with all stakeholders in the livestock sector and search for spaces for exchange of experiences
  7. We will seek the establishment of coordination with the different actors and their incorporation in the action plans of the national platform and local platforms

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
1. Strengthen the personnel and monitoring system of the project 2. Establish a standard format for quarterly progress reports, 3. Develop Project strategic planning matrix 4. Project exit strategy 5. Sustainable Livestock Forum and Ues incorporation in national table of biological monitoring 6. In the final report of the project will be done a section of lessons learned and opportunity to replicate 7. Action plans for local platforms
[Added: 2018/12/13] [Last Updated: 2019/04/09]
unidad de desarollo sostenible 2019/03 Completed Se elaboran los informes de avance trimestral del proyecto, con base a formato que integra los resultados establecidos en el PRODOC, para su elaboración cada uno de los técnicos de las áreas meta brinda sus aporte y de la misma manera se realiza una planificación consensuada. Se realizó el Foro nacional de Ganadería Sostenible (mayo. 2018). Como estrategia de salida se ha avanzado con incidencia ante la Mesa Nacional de Monitoreo Biológico e ICF, así como ante la Cooperación JICA para el seguimiento del Corredor Biológico de Yoro, con COSUDE a través de DEIT para el seguimiento a la Mesa Regional de Ganadería Sostenible (área meta 2 del proyecto), y con la FAO (a través de proyecto Fortalecimiento del Marco de Gobernanza para la Competitividad del Sector Ganadero de Honduras) y FENAGH para el apoyo la Plataforma Nacional, así como las plataformas regionales. Se concretarán estas acciones, mediante la firma de convenios, que ya han sido acordados. History

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