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End of project Evaluation of Lesotho Data for Sustainable Development
Commissioning Unit: Lesotho
Evaluation Plan: 2019-2023
Evaluation Type: Project
Completion Date: 01/2020
Unit Responsible for providing Management Response: Lesotho
Documents Related to overall Management Response:  
1. Recommendation:

Continue to use a collaborative approach and modality with ministries to deliver/manage projects including having project coordinators in the ministry, housing the project team in the ministry while making focused efforts to leverage partnership and resources among UN agencies and development partners (including EU) for joint design and delivery of projects to enhance cohesive support in the country. Building partnership with CSOs and private sector will bring added value, complementary and synergistic skills and capacities including expertise on new tools and technologies.

Management Response: [Added: 2020/09/25]

UNDP (UN) partnership strategy recognises the roles of the different stakeholders in development and continues to seek collaboration in implementing development projects

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
In collaboration with other UN agencies, UNDP will design follow-up projects to leverage partnerships and resources on the Lesotho Data
[Added: 2020/09/25]
Programme Specialist, SPU 2023/12 Initiated
UNDP is developing its Partnership and Communications Action Plan (2019 – 2023) to guide its partnership strategies and engagement. This will also enable identification of stakeholders to support resources mobilisation for data management and support
[Added: 2020/09/25]
DRR 2020/09 Completed Partnership and Communications Action Plan completed.
2. Recommendation:

UN support on data to the Government of Lesotho should be coordinated and harmonised to “deliver as one.”

  • It could be a “One Data Strategy for Lesotho,” wherein different agencies contribute technical and financial resources and work to achieve specific areas/results of the strategy. This not only avoids duplication but also saves costs to have a coherent approach and avoid confusion at the government’s end.
  • When multiple agencies work with or support the same ministry on data collection there could be lead/co-leads.

UN agencies should also explore option of “One Fund” mechanism for the country or multi-donor trust fund to improve data and the ecosystem in Lesotho. Funding from bilateral donors (including EU) could be mobilised for improving data availability and improving ecosystem through this one basket fund. (UNDP/UN RCO and UN agencies).

Management Response: [Added: 2020/09/25]

UNDAF (2019 – 23) identified data as one of the strategic areas for contribution in the implementation of the NSDP and the Agenda 2030 which creates a leverage for developmetn of a joint programme on data. 

Key Actions:

Key Action Responsible DueDate Status Comments Documents
UNDP will participate and contribute to development of joint UN action plans and projects for data and M&E. UNDP will identify comparative advantages and synergies for on data and M&E for various UN agencies and partners to eliminate duplication and enhance coherence of support to the government on data and M&E
[Added: 2020/09/25]
DRR 2023/12 Initiated History

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