Evaluation Plan of 2009-2011
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UNDP Mauritius' Evaluation Plan has been formulated with a view to ensuring a far reaching input from stakeholders in numerous sectors. The primary evaluation stakeholders are the Government of Mauritius, the private sector and civil society organisations. Our consultations will be tailored to the needs of each project. A main aim of the Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) strategies has been to improve the capacity of Government in results based policy planning. As a result, we will involve several Government agencies with a focus on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment. Furthermore, planned evaluations for the 'Zones d'Education Prioritaires' (ZEP) project include a broad engagement with civil society and the private sector. In a more widely inclusive perspective, the small island of Rodrigues (a dependency of Mauritius) forms an integral part of the environmental evaluation plan. It is anticipated that the Rodrigues National Assembly will be one of the main stakeholders in this process. Whilst the Country Office believes the diversity of consultations has provided a true and holistic picture of our evaluation needs, we will be alert to any areas that could be built upon in future evaluations.
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Evaluations Commissioned by Mauritius

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Terminal Evaluation Report for the Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management in Mauritius including Rodrigues Project Dec 2012 Apr 2013 UNDP, Ministry of Agro-Industry $15,000 Completed View
2. Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Buildings Project Nov 2011 Jan 2013 UNDP, Government $10,000 Completed View
3. Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change and Adaptation in Africa - Republic of Mauritius Project Dec 2012 Dec 2012 UNDP, Ministry of Environment $30,000 Completed View
4. Terminal Evaluation of Partnerships for Marine Protected Areas in Mauritius and Rodrigues Project Mar 2012 May 2012 UNDP, RRA, Government $10,000 Completed View
5. Evaluation of the Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) and Sector Strategies component in the Country Programme 2009-2011 Outcome Oct 2011 Dec 2011 -- $30,000 Completed View
6. Evaluation of the Environmental protection component of the Country Programme 2009-2011 Outcome
  • Joint with Government of Mauritius
Oct 2011 Oct 2011 -- $30,000 Completed View

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