Evaluation Plan of 2009-2011
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Evaluations Commissioned by UNV

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
  • Joint with UN system
Nov 2012 Nov 2012 -- -- Completed View
2. UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS LIBERIA COUNTRY ASSESSMENT 2010 -2012 Others Jun 2012 Jun 2012 UN system, Government -- Completed View
3. Independent Evaluation of Area Based Development Programme in Kashkadarya and Karakalpakstan Regions of Uzbekistan Project Jan 2011 Feb 2012 UNDP, Government of Norway (co-funder), UNV, Council of Minister of Kareakalpakstan and the Khokimiyat of Kashkadarya, Mahalla Fund, Mahalla Committees in 100 villages and local population, UNDAF -- Completed View
4. Evaluation of the Collaboration UNV and DPKO collaboration Thematic
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UN-DFS
Mar 2011 Dec 2011 -- $180,000 Completed View
5. Evaluation of the Collaboration between United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and the United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS) Others
  • Joint with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and the United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS)
Dec 2011 Dec 2011 UNV; DFS/ DPKO; UNDP; UN system; Staff and beneficiaries of UN peacekeeping missions; Member States (particularly post-conflict states) $420,000 Completed View
6. Strengthening Volunteerism for Development in China through the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2007-2011 Results and Impact report Project Jan 2011 Oct 2011 UNDP/UNV, Government of China represented by CICETE, Bejing Youth League volunteering BYL/BVF -- Completed View
7. Mid-Term Evaluation of Strengthening the Capacity of Volunteerism for Development in Vietnam (VDVN) Project Project Sep 2011 Sep 2011 UNV, MoLISA, MoET, REDCROSS, SJVIETNAM, UNIDO, ILO -- Completed View
8. Youth Social Inclusion for Civic Engagement in Ukraine 2008-2011 Project Aug 2011 Aug 2011 UNDP, UNV, Intel, Ministry of Ukraine (Family, Youth and Sports; Education and Science), International Charity Fund "Ukraine 3000", All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation Alternative-V" -- Completed View
9. Promoting Greater Involvement of People Living With HIV (GIPA) in Vietnam Project Apr 2011 Apr 2011 UNDP, UNV, Provincial People Committee of Quang Nints, Hai Phongm Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Womens Union -- Completed View
10. Evaluation of UNV's Project "UNV Support to Delivering as One through Integration of Volunteerism for Development" Project Feb 2011 Feb 2011 DaO pilot country officers, beneficaries, relevant joint programms (within the One plans), UNV management, UNV headquarters personnel, project volunteers, UNV Field Units, UNDP, UNCROs, UNCT, national governments, volunteer involving organizations, civil society organizations -- Completed View
11. Project Lessons-Lerned Report (Governance and Public Administration Programme Sekong- Citizen's Information Programme) Project Dec 2010 Dec 2010 PCOP, DoF, NAPPA, DepEd, Office of District Chiefs, PDIC, LWU, LNFC, Lao Youth UNDP, UNV, GPAR (inclusive CIP) -- Completed View
12. UNV/UNDP Youth Programme 2007-2008, Kyrgyzstan Project
  • Joint with UNV, UNDP
Oct 2010 Oct 2010 President administration (Social-Economic Department, Youth Department), UNDP mgmt. and programme officers, Donors representatives (DFID, SCO), Partners Bishkek Business Club, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, Youth Policy development working group, White developers, NHDR developers, PMU and PIUs, Volunteer trainers and youth entrepreneurship scheme volunteers, Youth Initiative Group members, local partners (youth organisations and VIOs) $10,000 Completed View
13. Community Mobilization of Behavior Change for HIV Prevention (Papua New Guinea) Project Nov 2010 Jul 2010 -- $10,000 Completed View
14. Strengthening Local Development and Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups through Volunteerism (Croatia) Project
  • Joint with UNDP
Mar 2009 Jul 2010 -- $10,000 Completed View
15. UN Volunteers Support to the Implementation of Kosovo Youth Action Plan Project
  • Joint with UNDP
Dec 2009 Jul 2010 -- $10,000 Completed View
16. Review of UNV Facility for Evaluation Thematic Dec 2009 Jul 2010 -- $30,000 Completed View
17. Empowering the vulnerable Communities in Albania: Support to the Implementation of the National Strategy for Improving Roma Living Conditions Project Jan 2011 May 2010 UNDP, UNV, Project beneficaries, Partners with knowledge of EVC (central government, co-financiers, donors, NPO's, key informants), implementation partners: TLAS, TdH, Red Cross, goverment of Albania, MoL SAEO (through Techn. Secretariat for Roma), Vocational Training Centres, local organization providing legal aid to vulnerable groups -- Completed View
18. ARLAC AIM programmes Project May 2010 Apr 2010 -- $10,000 Completed View
19. Evaluation of the United Nations Volunteers Intervention (2007-2009) Tonle Sap Conservation Project Project Sep 2009 Sep 2009 UNDP, UNV, JTF, Royal Governance of Cambodia (Ministry of Environment), Cambodian National Mekong Commision, Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve Secretariat, TSCP $10,000 Completed View
20. Déchets à Gabú en Guinée-Bissau Project Dec 2009 May 2009 -- $10,000 Completed View
21. Involvement of Ethiopian youth in environmental management by UNCCD/UNV/SVF (Ethiopia) Project Nov 2010 -- $10,000 Overdue
22. OCB - Community-based organizations project in Comoros Project Dec 2010 -- $10,000 Overdue
23. UNV Support to Combatting FGM in Sudan Project Sep 2010 -- $10,000 Overdue
24. National Youth Volunteer Service Project: Liberia Project Dec 2010 -- $10,000 Overdue
25. Kenya Neighborhood Volunteer Scheme Project
Dec 2010 -- $10,000 Overdue
26. Evaluation of the Community Radio Project, Jordan Project
Jun 2011 -- $10,000 Overdue

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