Evaluation Plan of 2011-2013
Plan Detail (2011-2013)
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The plan has been developed in close consultation with the practice teams in Bratislava. The plan was duly shared with RBEC NY and later shared with country offices for their feedback and input. The final plans takes into account all comments and feedback from key stakeholders and was submitted to EB together with the Regional Programme Document for Europe & CIS 2011 - 2013
Plan Document:
RBEC RPD 2011-13-Evaluation Plan.pdf

Evaluations Commissioned by RBEC

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Terminal Evaluation UNDP-GEF Global Project “Supporting Country Action on the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas” Project Jun 2011 Dec 2015 UNDP, UNOPS, GEF $50,000 Completed View
2. Final Evaluation of Public Finance for Development programme Project Nov 2014 Sep 2014 BRC, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs $42,118 Completed View
3. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme Project May 2014 Jan 2014 BRC, UNDP COs, UN and other partner agencies, CA government authorities $21,000 Completed View
4. Capacity Development for Climate Risk Management in Europe and CIS Project Dec 2013 Dec 2013 COs (Armenia, Moldova, Macedonia, etc) $10,730 Completed View
5. Mid-term evaluation of Supporting RBEC transition to low-emission development project Project Dec 2013 Dec 2013 BRC and Country Offices $10,730 Completed View
6. Final Project Evaluation of Preparing for HCFC phase-out Project Jul 2013 Jun 2013 UNDP, GEF, UNEP, UNIDO, WB $17,469 Completed View
7. EU/UNDP project: Promoting Integrated Waters Resources Management and Fostering Transboundary dialogue in Central Asia Project Jun 2013 Mar 2013 EU, UNDP BRC and COs in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan $21,562 Completed View
8. Sustainable Mobility in the City of Bratislava Project Feb 2013 Feb 2013 GEF, UNDP $18,980 Completed View
9. Evaluation of the project "Strengthening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact" Project Feb 2013 Feb 2013 GEF Intl. Water Projects Managers $21,129 Completed View
10. Integration of Ecosystem Management Principles and Practices into Land and Water Management of Laborec-Uh Region (Eastern Slovakian Lowlands) Project Mar 2013 Jan 2013 UNDP, GEF $25,656 Completed View
11. Human Development Umbrella Project: Forward-looking Assessment Report Project Nov 2012 Nov 2012 RBEC, BRC, COs in Montenegro, Tajikistan, Poland, Armenia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan $10,090 Completed View
12. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Protection and Sustainable Use of the Dinaric Karst Transboundary Aquifer System (DIKTAS) Project Oct 2013 Nov 2012 UNESCO, UNDP $14,000 Completed View
13. Removing Barriers to the Reconstruction of Public Lighting Systems in Slovakia Project Apr 2012 Apr 2012 GEF, UNDP $12,990 Completed View
14. Final Evaluation of Aid for Trade project Phase I (Output II) Project Aug 2011 Jul 2011 UNDP BRC and COs, Government of Finland $11,860 Completed View

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