Evaluation Plan of 2014-2017
Plan Detail (2014-2017)
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Bureau for Policy and Programme Support
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Evaluations Commissioned by Bureau for Policy and Programme Support

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Evaluation of the UNDP/DPKO-DFS/DPA Joint Project on UN transitions in Mission settings Thematic
  • Joint with DPKO/DFS, DPA
Dec 2017 Dec 2017 DPKO, DPA, COs $150,000 Completed View
2. Community Development and Knowledge Management for the Satoyama Initiative Project (COMDEKS) Project Nov 2017 Nov 2017 -- $28,000 Completed View
3. Strengthening Environmental Governance by Building the Capacity of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Project Jul 2017 Jul 2017 -- $16,800 Completed View
4. Terminal Evaluation for 'Building Regional Partnerships to Assist Developing Countries to Reduce the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms in Ships' Ballast Water (GloBallast Partnerships) (PIMS 3050) Project Jun 2017 Jun 2017 GEF, shipping sector $30,000 Completed View
5. Support the 2014 World Parks Congress: Parks, People, Planet: Protected areas as inspiring solutions to global challenges Project Jun 2017 Jun 2017 -- $11,500 Completed View
6. External review of global component of 'Canada-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Facility' (PIMS 5215) Project Mar 2017 Jun 2017 CIDA, UNDP CO in 8 countries, implementing partners, beneficiaries $11,000 Completed View
7. Evaluation of EU/UN Project on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention Project May 2017 May 2017 National partners, UN Country Teams, EU Delegations in 10 project countries $15,000 Completed View
8. External assessment of the UNDP Gender Seal Thematic Mar 2017 Apr 2017 HQ Global team, Country Offices, regional hubs $40,000 Completed View
9. Terminal Evaluation for "Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative" (PIMS 3611) Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
Jun 2017 Apr 2017 GEF, private sector, programme countries $30,000 Completed View
10. EU/UNDP Project on Building Transformative Policy and Financing Frameworks to increase Investment in Biodiversity Management The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Final Evaluation Project Aug 2017 Feb 2017 GEF, CBD, programme countries $30,000 Completed View
11. Final review of the Programme “Catalytic Support to Implement the UN Convention to Combat Desertification in West Asia and North Africa - Phase V" Project Dec 2016 Dec 2016 -- $17,000 Completed View
12. Evaluation of Phase 1 Regional Electoral Support Project: Middle East and North Africa 2013-2016 Project Dec 2016 Dec 2016 Election Management Bodies (EMBs) in the region; ARABEMBs organization; League of Arab States- Electoral Affairs Department; Arab Network for Human Rights Institutions; NHRIs in the region; Electoral observer groups $30,000 Completed View
13. Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) Roll-Out I Project Project Dec 2016 Dec 2016 5 UNDP Regional Hubs, 10 UNDP COs and Gov Agencies, EU, UN agencies, WB, Economic Commissions $50,000 Completed View
14. SIDA support to UNDP Water and Ocean Governance Programme 2014-2017 Project Jan 2017 Dec 2016 Global partners, UNDP CO?s, NGO?s, national implementers and capacity builders $25,000 Completed View
15. Support to Capacity –Building under IPBES through the Development of BES-Net and Support to Work for Resilience Thinking in Development Project Dec 2016 Dec 2016 SwedBio, UNDP, MELCA-Ethiopia, IPBES Secretariat, Instituto Federal Catarinense, and University of Cape Town $8,800 Completed View
16. Assisting Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with country-driven processes to advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) PIMS 5246 Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UNEP
Jul 2015 Jul 2016 -- $25,000 Completed View
17. UNDP-UNEP Poverty Environment Initiative Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with UNEP Evaluation Office managing agent
Jun 2016 Jun 2016 4 country, LAC region and global assessment UNDP and UNEP stakeholders $110,000 Completed View
18. Terminal Evaluation UNDP-GEF Global Project "Supporting Country Early Action on CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas" Project Feb 2016 Jun 2016 GEF, CSOs $30,000 Completed View
19. Building the post-2015 development agenda Project Dec 2015 Apr 2016 Networks of civil society, UNCTs which implemented project activities, UNDG MDG TF Donors and Permanent missions $140,000 Completed View
20. Final evaluation of 'Building Climate resilience in Drylands through Community-based Resilience Analysis' (ECHO/-HF/BUD/2014/9104) Project
  • Joint with Donors
  • Joint with The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO)
Mar 2016 Feb 2016 CSOs, NGOs, local government officials $20,000 Completed View
21. Global Project on Demonstrating and Promoting Best Techniques and Practices for Reducing Health-Care Waste to Avoid Environmental Releases of Dioxins and Mercury Terminal evaluation - Final Revision(PIMS 2596)) Project Oct 2014 Sep 2015 UNOPS, National governments, NGO partners (Health Care Without Harm, Toxic Links, Salud sin Daño) $20,000 Completed View
22. Global Human Rights Strengthening Programme Evaluation Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with OHCHR, UNDOCO, ICC
Sep 2015 Sep 2015 ICC, NHRIs, donors $50,000 Completed View
23. Get Airports Ready for Disasters (GARD) Project May 2015 May 2015 8 UNDP COs, 4UNDP Regional Hubs, Deutsche Post DHL, Gov of Germany $20,000 Completed View
24. Mid-term Evaluation - UNDP RSC Africa: 'Strengthening Regional and National Legislative Environments to Support the Human Rights of LGBT People and Women and Girls affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa' (A SIDA Supported Project) Project Feb 2015 Apr 2015 Government, CSOs and UN partners $40,000 Completed View
25. Final Evaluation of phase 3 on Strengthening Capacities and Knowledge of Civil Society for the Consensual and Sustainable Management of Land and Natural Resources in the Great Lakes Region Project Feb 2015 Feb 2015 NGOs, Local Governments, Private Sector, Regional Organizations in the Great Lakes region $30,000 Completed View
26. Terminal Evaluation for "Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health" (PIMS 3248) Project
  • Joint with WHO
Feb 2015 Feb 2015 UNDP CO in 8 countries, implementing partners, beneficiaries $30,000 Completed View
27. Evaluation of the EC Contribution to the Parliamentary Action for Renewable Energy (PARE) Project Project Dec 2014 Dec 2014 Parliamentarians $25,000 Completed View
28. Evaluation of Joint UNDP/DPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with Department of Political Affairs
Dec 2014 Nov 2014 National partners, UN Country Teams, donors $50,000 Completed View
29. Terminal Evaluation for "Portfolio Learning in International Waters with a Focus on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands and Regional Asia/Pacific and Coral Triangle Learning Processes? (PIMS 4164) Project Jun 2014 Aug 2014 6 countries, national implementers and beneficiaries $30,000 Completed View
30. Terminal Evaluation for 'MENARID GEF IW:LEARN III: Strengthening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact' (PIMS 4219) Project Jul 2014 Jul 2014 RBEC, national implementers and beneficiaries $30,000 Completed View
31. Terminal Evaluation for 'LDC-SIDS Targeted Umbrella Project for Sustainable Land Management' (PIMS 3130) Project Feb 2014 Feb 2014 UNOPS, UNCCD/GM, 4 RSCs, national implementers $30,000 Completed View

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