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This is UNDP Uganda Evaluation Plan covering 2016-2020. There are 21 evaluations scheduled for the CPD cycle 2016-2020, nine mandatory evaluations as per donor (GEF, South Korea, UN REDD) requirement and 12 will be directly implemented by UNDP. The country office will explore conducting a joint mid- term and joint final country programme evaluation covering 5 broad thematic areas i.e Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy (CODROL), Institutional Development, Transparency and Accountability (IE), Peace, Security for Systems Resilience (COPASS), Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) and Climate Change Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCRDRR) outcome areas as shown in the matrix.

The country programme  2016-2020 comprise two portfolios: inclusive, effective governance and sustainable, inclusive economic development.The UNDP inclusive, effective governance portfolio focuses on developing national capacities in the rule of law; constitutional democracy; peace, security and system resilience. The UNDP sustainable, inclusive economic development portfolio  focuses on strengthening capacities for (a) natural resources management, adaptation and developing resilience to climate change and disaster risk, and (b) green growth, expanding livelihood and employment opportunities including supporting the integrated approach to fostering sustainability and resilience for food security

Plan Document:

Evaluations Commissioned by Uganda

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Terminal Evaluation of the Integrated Landscape Management for Improved Livelihoods and Ecosystem Resilience in Mount Elgon Project Dec 2020 Dec 2020 Ministry of Agriculture, animal industry and fisheries; Ministry of water and environment; Ministry of lands, housing and urban development; Ministry of trade and industry, NEMA, NFA, Busitema University University $40,000 Completed View
2. Terminal Evaluation for Kidepo Project Project Jul 2019 Feb 2020 National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) $30,000 Completed View
3. Terminal Evaluation for Improved Charcoal Production project Project Jan 2020 Jan 2020 Ministry of Energy $30,000 Completed View
4. UNDAF Mid-term Evaluation UNDAF Dec 2018 Feb 2019 -- $90,000 Completed View
5. Terminal Evaluation of Peace Achitecture project Project Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Government, CSOs and Private Sector $25,000 Completed View
6. Terminal Evaluation for Early Warning System Project Jun 2018 Aug 2018 Uganda National Meteorological Authority $30,000 Completed View
7. Terminal evaluation of Uganda/ UN REDD National Programme Project Jan 2018 Aug 2018 Ministry of Water and Environment $30,000 Completed View
8. Terminal Evaluation of Low Emission Capacity Building Project Project Nov 2017 Oct 2017 Ministry of Water and Environment $30,000 Completed View
9. Midterm Evaluation of Saemaul Initiative Towards Inclusive and Sustainable New Communities in Uganda (ISNC) Project Project Mar 2017 Oct 2017 Ministry of Local Government $20,000 Completed View
10. Final Evaluation: “Strengthening Disaster Reduction Management And Resilience Building Project” UNDP-Funded Project Project Aug 2017 Aug 2017 Office of the Prime minister $30,000 Completed View
11. Mid Term Evaluation for Improved Charcoal Production Project Aug 2016 Aug 2017 Ministry of Energy $25,000 Completed View
12. Mid Term Evaluation for Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems (SCIEWS) Project - Uganda Project Aug 2016 Nov 2016 Uganda National Meteological Authority $25,000 Completed View
13. Mid Term Evaluation for Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Threatened Savanna Woodland in the Kidepo Critical Landscape in North Eastern Uganda Project May 2016 Aug 2016 NEMA $30,000 Completed View
14. Terminal Evaluation of Enabling Environment for SLM to Overcome Land Degradation in the Uganda Cattle Corridor Districts of Uganda Project Apr 2016 Jun 2016 Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries $30,000 Completed View
15. Terminal Evaluation of Enhancing Adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Uganda's Farming Systems Project Apr 2016 Apr 2016 Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries $30,000 Completed View
16. Terminal Evaluation of UNDP Uganda Country Programme 2016 – 2020 Country Programme Evaluation Sep 2020 Government, CSOs and Private Sector $150,000 Cancelled

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Planned End Date Status Completed Date Mgmt. Response
1. Mid-term Evaluation of the CleanStart Programme Accessing Clean Energy for the Poor Others UNCDF Oct 2017 Completed Oct 2017 View
2. Independent Country Programme Evaluation: Uganda ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office Dec 2019 Completed Dec 2019 View

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